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Published at 24th of April 2020 07:25:58 PM
Chapter 584

Chapter 584 It“s All Because of You!

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“When will the exam resume, then?” Feng Wu was thrilled!

Holy crap . Someone up there must really like her! Otherwise, why would such a thing happen?

She was late and so was the exam? Hahahaha —

In that moment, Feng Wu was so excited that she wanted to guffaw .

It had to be the luckiest day of her life .

“We have no idea . ” The girl was very enthusiastic and seemed to make friends quickly . She added, “We don’t know if the exam will resume today . We may have to come back tomorrow .

“By the way, do you know why the exam was postponed?” The girl moved closer, lowered her voice, and blinked at Feng Wu .

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“Why?” Feng Wu asked curiously .

“I heard that it was because Mr Lu was assassinated,” the girl whispered .

The boy shook his head . “How does that have anything to do with our exam?”

“Who knows . No one has told us anything, anyway, nor do we know when the exam will start . ” The girl frowned, then her eyes lit up . “Hey, what are your names? I’m Ye Qing . Nice to meet you . ”

“I’m Zhao Shu,” said the boy quietly .

“Feng Wu,” said Feng Wu .

It had been five years since Feng Wu enjoyed her fame, so that name didn’t raise an alarm .

Ye Qing grinned . “Feng Wu? Where have I heard that name before? Right, there was this golden girl who had that name as well . Guess what? I used to live in her shadow when I was little . ”

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“Did you?” Feng Wu rubbed her nose .

Zhao Shu and Ye Qing both had something to say on the matter .

Zhao Shu sighed . “That’s right . Back then, Feng Wu meant so much . All the boys used to stand in His Royal Highness’s shadow and all the girls in Feng Wu’s . ”

Ye Qing nodded . “I really liked Feng Wu and I can’t stop wondering what happened to her . Come to think of it, those people out there are so awful . Feng Wu has to be the one who suffered the most from losing her ability — she was the victim, for God’s sake . But the only thing those people did was add insult to injury and scoff at her . Shame on them . ”

Zhao Shu said, “But didn’t they say that Feng Wu crippled herself because she got greedy in her cultivation?”

Ye Qing snorted . “And you believe that? Plus, so what if she lost her ability because she tried to move past her limits? Everyone wants to become better and stronger . Since when was that a crime?”

Zhao Shu rubbed his nose . “I didn’t say she did anything wrong…”

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Since the exam hadn’t started, Feng Wu found a corner to take off her pajamas and change into a simple pale blue outfit instead .

She wandered around, looking for Chaoge, but the latter was nowhere to be seen .

She was sure that Chaoge had to be looking for her as well .

At that moment, outside the gate of Imperial College —

Mr Lu’s stately figure showed up in front of everyone .

“Mr Lu! It’s Mr Lu!”

Everyone began to shout and cry when they saw Mr Lu .

“Mr Lu, why is the exam postponed?!”

“Mr Lu, when will the exam begin?”

“Mr Lu…”

The crowd kept pushing forward and the slim Feng Wu ended up at the front .

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