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Chapter 582

Chapter 582 The Exam Starts When She Arrives

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“You’re the one forcing her to get into Imperial College but you’re the one making her miss the exam .

“You told her to get first place but stopped her from reading .

“You’re making her get full marks, but prevented her from studying by making her sleep .

“Your Royal Highness, I would be very angry, too, if I were Miss Wu,” said Feng in a serious tone .

When Feng turned serious, things were really serious .

So, Jun Linyuan straightened his back . “Is it that serious?”

“Yes, and probably more so than you think,” Feng said earnestly . “Miss Wu has put so much into this exam – she will only hate you more if she misses it . Your Royal Highness, do you want Miss Wu to hate you?”

Of course not!

But… did that mean he was going to swallow that reprimand?

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Of course Jun Linyuan wouldn’t have it!

Feng said, “Your Royal Highness, accounts can always be settled afterward; the priority now is the exam…”

Things should be taken care of in order of their importance and urgency… Feng had a point .

Jun Linyuan rolled his eyes at Feng . “Use your head . If she’s running late, postpone the exam!”

Feng said, “Alright… to what time?”

Jun Linyuan rolled his eyes again . “The exam will start when she arrives! Any questions?”

Feng gave his young master a strange look .

If he cared about her so much, why did he have to be so mean when she was around and keep picking on her?

“Your Royal Highness, girls should be treated gently…” Feng tried to talk sense into the crown prince .

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Jun Linyuan shifted his cold gaze to Feng and was back to his proud self again . “Gently? She wishes!”

Feng almost burst out laughing, but he managed to keep his face unperturbed .

Jun Linyuan snorted . “She’s not to be told about this . You’ll have me to answer to if she knows I did this!”

Feng was speechless .

Talk about doing exactly the opposite… Your Royal Highness, you’re the perfect example .

Feng was exhausted inside out . Not only did he have to arrange a secret escort to keep Feng Wu safe on her way back, he had to come up with a good excuse to delay the exam…

Feng Wu had no idea of any of that, nor did she know about the conversation between Jun Linyuan and Feng .

After storming off, she rushed all the way down the mountain and was dumbfounded —

Which way was the city?

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Was she supposed to run all the way back?

It was nine o’clock already and the exam started at nine —

Would she get there in time?

Feng Wu searched her memory and recalled that it had taken Jun Linyuan almost an hour to arrive here last night .

Feng Wu: !!!

It would be noon by the time she got back to the imperial capital!

At that moment, Feng Wu was seriously considering murdering Jun Linyuan .

She was overwhelmed by despair when —

Clip-clop, clip-clop —

She heard the sound of a horse coming her way from behind .

Feng Wu turned around and her eyes lit up!

“Is that a Galloping Horse? The fastest horse ever?!”

Feng Wu looked up at the rider and saw a teenager with fine features . He wore a fitting blue brocade robe and had an elegant air to him .

Without thinking, Feng Wu grabbed the bridle and pushed the teenager out of the saddle!


The elegant teenager had been arrested by Feng Wu’s beautiful face as soon as he spotted her, and he was thinking

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