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Chapter 575: 575

Yu Mingye left in a hurry after those words .

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Somewhere else in the Feng manor .

Feng Yanfeng’s family was sleeping .

Lady Wang nudged Feng Yanfeng’s arm in the dark, but Feng Yanfeng was only half-awake .

Lady Wang mumbled, “Why is it so noisy tonight?”

“Is it?” Feng Yanfeng didn’t think so .

“I think I heard something in the direction of Fallen Star Yard . ” Lady Wang frowned .

“You heard wrong,” Feng Yanfeng said impatiently .

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Since she was already awake, Lady Wang went on . “By the way, Lord Wuan’s wife came to visit today and she had a marriage proposal for Xiao Liu . ”

“Feng Liu?” Feng Yanfeng frowned .

“That’s right . ” Lady Wang nodded with a smile .

“That’s the Ning family, right? Who’s the guy?”

“Ning Chenxi . He’s the son of Ning Zhiyuan, the governor of Anyuan Province,” said Lady Wang with a smile .

“Ning Zhiyuan?” Feng Yanfeng, who was about to go back to sleep, was wide awake after hearing that name . “Ning Zhiyuan’s family and Northern Feng General are related through marriage, as well as to the Yan family . Ning Zhiyuan himself is also a commander of a border province . That’s wonderful . They really have their eye on Feng Liu, then?”

Feng Yanfeng found it hard to believe . Had Feng Liu’s ruined reputation not gotten out, then?

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Lady Wang gloated . “I was told that Ning Chenxi fell in love with Xiao Liu as soon as he set eyes on her on their way back from the northern border to the imperial capital . He couldn’t stop thinking about her, and it was like a lovesickness . He wants to marry no one but Xiao Liu . ”

Feng Yanfeng sat up in excitement and smacked his own thigh . “That’s great news . Tell them tomorrow —”

“No, no —” Lady Wang shook her head . “Ning Chenxi is so infatuated with Xiao Liu; that’s what will seal the deal . If that’s the case, we can’t say yes so soon . Let’s wait a few days . ”

Feng Yanfeng found that suggestion reasonable . This was the perfect time to assume airs!

“Good idea! Let the Ning family wait . Isn’t that Ning Chenxi applying for Imperial College this year? We’ll talk about the marriage proposal after he gets in!”

Lady Wang nodded with a smile .

“Liu Er is taking the exam this year as well . I don’t know if she can get in . ” Lady Wang was a little concerned .

Feng Liu’s cultivation level wasn’t advanced enough, but the clan had provided her with a lot of resources lately and even the elders of the clan had offered to teach her themselves .

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In the end, they managed to elevate Feng Liu from Level 7 to Level 9, which qualified her for the exam .

“Go back to bed . We’re taking Xiao Liu to Imperial College tomorrow morning for the exam,” said Lady Wang .

“I hope Xiao Liu can get in this time…” Based on the scores Feng Liu had been getting from the mock exam papers, Feng Yanfeng didn’t think she stood too good a chance .

Lady Wang snapped, “Of course Xiao Liu will get in . The clan has put in so much for her . ”

It reminded Feng Yanfeng of Feng Wu back in the day and he sighed with emotion . “Come to think of it, Xiao Wu was really a genius back then . She was only seven or eight when she…”

Lady Wang wanted to tear the duvet to pieces with her teeth . Xiao Wu! She hated that name!

She snorted . “She was awesome back then, so what? She’s a cripple without any trace of spiritual essence now . All she can do is be trampled on by our Xiao Liu . ”

Feng Yanfeng heaved a sigh .

“What are you sighing for?” Lady Wang smirked . “Xiao Liu is taking the exam of Imperial College tomorrow . What can that Feng Wu do? She can’t even set foot in the exam room!”

Feng Yanfeng had to agree with her .

Meanwhile, in Fallen Star Yard .

Yu Mingye had left . Eager to act, he wanted to camp out in Imperial Capital Tower first and wait for that phenomenal duel .

However —

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