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Published at 24th of April 2020 04:35:08 AM
Chapter 574: 574

Yu Mingye grabbed Feng Wu, pulled her behind him, and stared at Jun Linyuan bravely . “Jun Linyuan, I didn’t know you could be so despicable!”

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Jun Linyuan’s stunning face had turned livid and he was especially enraged when he saw Yu Mingye pull Feng Wu behind him . Jun Linyuan felt like choking the guy with his bare hands!

Yu Mingye cringed a little when he noticed how frightening Jun Linyuan looked .

After all, he might be as famous as Jun Linyuan, but everyone, Yu Mingye himself included, knew that was only because the Yu family had gone to a lot of effort to make Yu Mingye sound more superior than he actually was .

Yu Mingye had mixed feelings toward Jun Linyuan . Although he saw Jun Linyuan as his greatest rival, deep down, he still admired the guy and looked up to him .

Hence, when Jun Linyuan shifted his piercing gaze to Yu Mingye, the latter felt as if he had just been shot with an arrow . Jun Linyuan said through gritted teeth, “Out of my way!”

He was so intimidating…

Yu Mingye stumbled back involuntarily .

But he stopped almost right away!

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He couldn’t back off now, for little Feng Wu was behind him .

He had to protect little Feng Wu and make the girl look up to him… Yu Mingye clenched his fists and encouraged himself: man up!

Thus, Yu Mingye summoned up his courage, took a step forward, and pointed a finger at Jun Linyuan . “I’m challenging you to a duel!”

Seriously —

Jun Linyuan wasn’t the only one rendered speechless .

A short distance away, Feng gave Yu Mingye a thumbs up in his head . The young man had some balls .

No one said a word…

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Meanwhile, Feng Wu was staring at the back of Yu Mingye’s head in resignation and at a loss over what to say .

Then, Yu Mingye gave Feng Wu a little kick with his heel .

Feng Wu was confused . “What?”

Lowering his voice, Yu Mingye prompted her in a serious tone, “Clap for me! Now!”

“Huh?” Feng Wu was baffled . Clap?

Yu Mingye said earnestly, “I’m scared . Clap for me . ”

Feng Wu rolled her eyes . Read comics on our webnovel . live

Standing outside, Feng was as still as a statue . Despite his calm face, he was cracking up inwardly . That silly boy was so amusing .

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However, His Royal Highness didn’t find Yu Mingye amusing at all . Staring at the latter with his intimidating gaze, Jun Linyuan stepped forward, his eyes flickering .

Yu Mingye fell back a step, dragging Feng Wu with him . He raised his chin and stared back at Jun Linyuan .

It was only human nature to feel scared in Jun Linyuan’s presence .

Instinctively, Yu Mingye was flustered by Jun Linyuan’s glare, but he wouldn’t budge, not when the girl he liked was watching .

Hence, he pointed at Jun Linyuan with a shaky finger, while backing away with Feng Wu . “D- do you think you can intimidate me just because you’re famous?! N- no way! There! I’m challenging you!”

Jun Linyuan smirked . “You want to challenge me? Fine, I agree . ”

Yu Mingye was baffled . He agreed?

Jun Linyuan said with a crooked smile, “Tomorrow, midnight, at the top of Imperial Capital Tower!”

Yu Mingye didn’t know what to say .

Jun Linyuan snorted . “Scared now?”

Feng Wu was watching and Yu Mingye had no choice but to play the tough guy . He raised his chin . “Of course not!”

“Shouldn’t you be on your way now?” Jun Linyuan glanced at him .

“Y- you can’t bully my Xiao Wu while I’m away!”

“Your Xiao Xu?” His Royal Highness smirked .

Yu Mingye clenched his fists . “Fine! You have to leave her alone if I win!”

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