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Published at 24th of April 2020 07:26:18 PM
Chapter 576

Chapter 576 Taken?!!!

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Feng Wu looked at Jun Linyuan . “Yu Mingye is gone . Can you please leave now?”

After getting rid of Yu Mingye, the crown prince finally cheered up a little, but what Feng Wu said displeased him right away . He glowered at Feng Wu with his cold, angry eyes .

“Who is he to you?!” Jun Linyuan’s face was livid .

“No one!”

“Then why did he show up here in the middle of the night?”

“I don’t need to answer to you!”

“Speak!” Jun Linyuan stared at her intensely .

Feng Wu was furious . “Who am I to you, then?”

Jun Linyuan smirked . “Don’t flatter yourself! You’re nothing to me!”

Feng Wu snickered . “Of course . We’re nothing to each other . So, why did you kick open my door, enter my room, and won’t leave?!”

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Jun Linyuan was rendered speechless .

His eyes were like bottomless pits and he glared at Feng Wu, as if he wanted to eat her whole!

Flames seemed to surge out of those grim eyes . He looked terrifyingly unapproachable!

Anyone else would have dropped to their knees under such a stare .

Even Yu Mingye’s legs almost gave out when Jun Linyuan stared at him like this .

But not Feng Wu . She stood there proudly and unperturbed . She even looked back at Jun Linyuan with equally cold eyes!

Her perfect composure and her unbending will were exactly why Feng thought that Feng Wu was the only right person for His Royal Highness on the entire continent .

“Feng Wu, how dare you speak to me like that?!” Jun Linyuan clenched his fists!

And he smashed them down on the table!

Crumble —

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The wooden table shattered into pieces and scattered all over the floor .

Feng Wu didn’t say anything .

Feng Wu couldn’t imagine what would happen if one of his fists had landed on her head .

Staring at Feng Wu, Jun Linyuan moved closer and hemmed her in .


Feng Wu had a bad feeling about this .

If she let him corner her like before, he would do what he wanted with her again!

She wouldn’t let that happen!

The closed window gave Feng Wu an idea!

She bolted!

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Feng Wu was very fast, but Jun Linyuan was faster!

Feng Wu had almost jumped out the window when Jun Linyuan caught Feng Wu’s right foot with his right hand!

Feng Wu was still wearing her fluffy home-made cotton slippers when he grabbed her by the ankle .

She was wearing a loose-fitting casual dress at home with a fluffy robe over her shoulders .

Feng Wu had designed the clothes herself and her beautiful mother made everything from scratch . It was an exquisite outfit .

Caught by her right ankle, Feng Wu fell forward . However, before she smashed onto the window pane, Jun Linyuan tossed her upward .

Everything was a blur all of a sudden .

Before she realized it —

Jun Linyuan had thrown her over his shoulder and jumped onto the roof . The next moment, he dashed out into the night, taking Feng Wu with him .

Feng Wu: !!!

Houses flitted past them on both sides and the chilly night wind blew against her neck .

Feng Wu was flabbergasted…

She had been kidnapped!

Jun Linyuan had taken her against her will!

“You — where are you taking me? Put me down!” Feng Wu was furious!

She still had 10 books left to read . Although they were in her ring and she could take them out at any moment, she needed to first find the time to read them

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