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Chapter 569: 569

“That’s a lot of trust she put in you,” Grand Secretary Fang said admiringly .

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After all, the manual had been written by a mere 13-year-old girl; no one in their right mind would be able to believe it .

Feng Wu shrugged . “She’s a trusting person . ”

“That’s because she has faith in you . ” Grand Secretary Fang said emotionally, “Xiao Wu, it’s very hard to come by a friend whom you can completely trust in life . Many people will live to the end of their days without ever meeting one . You’re still so young and you’ve found that friend . I envy you . ”

Feng Wu grinned . “It’s my honor to have her as a friend . ”

“And it was very lucky for her to have met you as well . ” Grand Secretary Fang was a little surprised by Feng Wu’s reply .

Was she really a girl of 13? Sometimes, Grand Secretary Fang found her frighteningly mature .

“By the way,” Grand Secretary Fang gestured at Chaoge, who was sitting in a tree a few steps away, “What are you going to do about that kid?”

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Feng Wu smacked her forehead . “I’ll think of something . ”

Grand Secretary Fang nodded .

Feng Wu spent the next few days reading around the clock . Her head had almost gone numb from all the reading, for the texts were all written in a pedantic style . It was only thanks to her great memory that she didn’t mix them all up .

In a few days, Feng Wu had finished memorizing all 1000 must-reads .

She then moved on to the 10,000 extracurricular books, trying to memorize as much as she could .

Gifted with an eidetic memory, she flipped through the pages quickly .

The old man had been giving her a set of exam papers every day for the past few days, and her scores rose rapidly .

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“Wow —”

When Chaoge saw Feng Wu’s mark on the paper that day, her mind was blown!

“290?!” Chaoge almost jumped to her feet!

“Xiao Wu, you got 290? Are you even human? How did you do that?!”

Feng Wu only smiled bitterly . “I guess I’m doing alright . ”

She got 290 out of 300, which didn’t reach her own personal standard .

Grand Secretary Fang darted a look at Feng Wu . “Kiddo, give yourself some credit . The college is known for its difficult exam . The highest score on the written exam last year was 260, and you’re already 30 points higher . What more do you want? Leave some hope for the ordinary people, alright?”

Grand Secretary Fang was one of the top guns of Imperial College, and for him to make that comment meant a lot .

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Feng Wu only gave him a wry smile .

“The exam is tomorrow; you should get some good rest tonight . You don’t have to finish all the books . Don’t push yourself too hard . ” Grand Secretary Fang then sent Feng Wu and Chaoge home early .

Watching Feng Wu leave, Grand Secretary Fang put his hands behind his back and recalled a message from Mr Lu .

“Yu Mingye, the one who’s as famous as Jun Linyuan, is taking the exam this year as well . ”

General Secretary Fang smiled in resignation . It seemed that Xiao Wu wasn’t going to get the top mark this year .

Feng Wu had no idea that Yu Mingye was a candidate as well . She and Chaoge took the last 100 books back home .

Sitting down on the carpet, Feng Wu grabbed a book and started reading .

One book…

Two books…


She didn’t even have time to eat, and Chaoge had to feed her with a spoon .

Although Chaoge was still handing in blank sheets, she had gone through a second round of detoxification already .

Following that, she was down from 75kg to 60kg .

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