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Chapter 570

In the past few days, Chaoge had risen from Level 7 to Level 9!

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It happened so fast that even Feng Wu was taken by surprise .

As the afternoon flowed into evening, Feng Wu finished 90 books and there were only ten to go .

Feng Wu could barely keep her eyes open, but she couldn’t sleep peacefully knowing that she hadn’t gone through all the books . Rubbing her dry eyes, she went on reading .

It was deep into the night and almost everyone was asleep .

Bent over the table, Chaoge was already fast asleep .

Feng Wu was still reading assiduously .

The crown prince’s residence .

Jun Linyuan had been shut in seclusion these days . After that hard-earned breakthrough, he needed some time alone to consolidate what he had learned .

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Walking out of the magma cave, Jun Linyuan looked stunning with his straight eyebrows and bright eyes .

With his back to the glare of the flame, he gave off such an intimidating and relentless air that anyone would drop to their knees at his presence .

“Your Royal Highness —” Feng looked proudly at the crown prince, whom he had raised single-handedly .

The poker-faced little boy had grown into a poker-faced teenager… it was just that Feng noticed that the crown prince looked more human now .

Did it have something to do with Miss Wu?

Jun Linyuan asked as he marched on, “What’s the date today?”

Feng told him the date, then added, “Imperial College’s entrance exam starts tomorrow . ”

The crown prince’s cold eyes flickered all of a sudden .

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The mention of the exam had reminded him of a certain girl, hadn’t it? Feng stole a glance at the crown prince .

His Royal Highness was a neat freak, and the first thing he did after he got out of seclusion was to take a bath and change his clothes, so that he could wash off all the dust .

However, Jun Linyuan couldn’t help but recall what happened the last time he sat down in the hot spring .

The girl was still very young, but she had a nice figure .

And she was an amazing chiropractor .

Jun Linyuan had to admit that his breakthrough had indeed been triggered by the massage she gave him, but he was never going to tell her that, otherwise she would get all proud .

When his mind turned to that girl, Jun Linyuan felt as if a writing brush was tickling his heart and the sensation was very tempting…

That was enough! Why would he even think about that girl? She would be so pleased if she knew about this!

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Vexed, the crown prince slapped the water with his hand and rose to his feet . He headed out immediately after he got dressed .

Feng followed the crown prince out at an appropriate distance . That way, he could still guard and serve his young master, but was also far away enough to give him some privacy .

No one could handle things as subtly as Feng .

“Why is that girl so obnoxious?!” the crown prince bellowed at Feng .

Feng rubbed his nose .

“She ran away as soon as she got what she wanted and turned her back on me! She’s so heartless!”

Feng rubbed his nose .

“Does she think she can just hide away and I wouldn’t go searching? She’s so naive!” Jun Linayun dashed out angrily in the direction of the Feng manor .

From behind, the crown prince looked like a king bent on revenge and who would stop at nothing .

Feng was pleased . His Royal Highness had finally found a purpose . That was new .

The Feng clan .

Feng Wu stayed up very late .

She hadn’t been sleeping too well these days — or rather, she hadn’t slept much at all .

She had only slept for two hours in the past seven days and had spent the rest of the time memorizing . Her brain had been very busy and her mind very active .

Feng Wu realized that although she hadn’t cultivated for seven days —

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