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Published at 21st of April 2020 02:15:12 PM
Chapter 568

The old man didn’t know what to say .

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All words failed him . Feng Wu had really memorized everything, like she said, and she was reciting the text so fluently . She didn’t stop once to try and recall a word .

Chaoge wasn’t all that surprised . Growing up with Feng Wu, she had gotten used to such wonders at an early age .

A belief took root in her mind when she was little, and it could now no longer be shaken . That belief was: Feng Wu was omnipotent .

But Grand Secretary Fang didn’t know that . He was astonished by how exceptionally retentive Feng Wu’s memory was .

As the general secretary of the empire, and working in a place like Imperial College where all kinds of talented people showed up all the time, he had seen his fair share of genius .

However —

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He didn’t want to give in yet . Was it possible that the first book in the stack was the one she had memorized the best?

Grand Secretary Fang picked a random book from the stack, opened it, and chose a random paragraph . “Kunlun is located in the northwest, where the empire’s temporal palace stands . ”

Feng Wu’s eyes lit up .

The previous one was the “Book of Changes” and this one was the “Classic of Mountains and Rivers . ”

Feng Wu searched her memory and the sentences after that flowed out . “… Kunlun has a circumference of 800 li and is very high and steep . A tree grows on it, which is over 13m tall and so thick that five people can just get their arms around it . Nine wells are…”

Feng Wu’s recitation was rhythmic and fluent .

It was impeccable .

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Grand Secretary Fang chose several other books and tested Feng Wu on every single one of them . Only then was he forced to admit that Feng Wu had indeed memorized everything well!

“You…” Grand Secretary Fang’s lips quivered a little . “You really haven’t read any of these books before?”

Feng Wu shrugged . “In the paper yesterday was the sentence ‘When all eight musical instruments are in harmony and the right order, gods and humans alike will be in harmony as well . ’ If I had read those books before, I would have been able to answer those questions . ”

Feng Wu had never read books on these subjects before, and everything she knew was related to cultivation . There was a blank in her knowledge and she was just starting to fill it in .

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“You really are an amazing kid . ” Grand Secretary Fang, who had always been stingy with his compliments, couldn’t help but be amazed now .

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He then asked Feng Wu if she had any paragraph that she didn’t understand, which he then explained, making sure that she had a thorough understanding of it .

While the old man and the teenage girl were absorbed in learning, Chaoge was yawning in boredom .

Feng Wu didn’t know what to do . She took out a manual called “Chaoge Sword” and gave it to her friend . “There, try this . ”

She had created this manual last night, which was the most suitable for Chaoge at her current cultivation level .

“Wait, let me see that —” Grand Secretary Fang reached out with his hand .

And the booklet ended up in his hand .

Grand Secretary Fang began to flip through it . He only nodded appreciatively in the beginning, but soon, his eyes widened and he looked up at Feng Wu . “Where did you get this?”

Chaoge moved closer . “Why, it’s called Chaoge Sword, so it had to have been customized for me . Mm, it’s my own and I’m going to learn it!”

Feng Wu said grumpily, “I made it for you last night after I finished reciting the books . Of course it’s specially made for you . I even named it after you . ”

“Wow, Xiao Wu, you’re the best! I love you so much!” Chaoge threw her arms around Feng Wu and wouldn’t let go .

Feng Wu patted her on the shoulder . “Shouldn’t you be practicing now?”

“Yes! Of course!” Chaoge snatched the manual back from Grand Secretary Fang and ran off .

The old man didn’t know what to say .

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