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Chapter 564: 564

Well, what choice did Feng Wu have? If Chaoge wanted to fight, of course she couldn’t stop her . She had to fight alongside her friend .

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“Duan Chaoge?!”

Mu Yaoyao was obviously baffled to see Chaoge . Looking past Chaoge, she spotted Feng Wu .

“Feng Wu!” Mu Yaoyao looked like she wanted to kill someone .

When enemies came face to face, their eyes blazed with hatred .

Mu Yaoyao rushed toward Feng Wu and ranted, “Feng Wu, what are you doing here?!”

Feng Wu only glanced at her .

“And why do you have those books?!” Mu Yaoyao was exasperated when she saw the covers of the books . “Gosh! You’re stealing my family’s books! Hey, seize these book thieves!”

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Steward Fang was bewildered…

The old steward ignored the girl…

The servants of the Fang manor exchanged awkward looks, but no one stepped forward .

At that moment, Grand Secretary Fang strolled into the room .

“Grandpa!” Mu Yaoyao was almost in tears, for she thought that she was being humiliated . “Grandpa, Grandpa, look! They’re book thieves! And she’s that Feng Wu!”

Chaoge exploded at those words . Resting her hands on her waist, she bellowed, “Who the hell are you calling book thieves?! You’re so full of bullshit!”

Chaoge jabbed Mu Yaoyao in the chest with a finger as she shouted .

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“Grandpa —” Mu Yaoyao said in a pitiful voice .

Lady Mu was displeased and commanded, “Take these two down!”Read more chapter on vipnovel . com

The lady had been escorted by quite a few guards, who were ready to charge at Feng Wu and Chaoge!

“Stop . ”

Grand Secretary Fang didn’t raise his voice, but no one dared to challenge his authority!

Instantly, all eyes were on him, and even Mu Yaoyao stopped her fake weeping .

“They didn’t steal any books . ” Grand Secretary Fang drew back his arm from Mu Yaoyao’s grip .

The look Mu Yaoyao gave Feng Wu was filled with hatred . She then turned to Grand Secretary Fang . “Grandpa, how did they even get in? Don’t you know that Feng Wu is useless? She has no right to set foot in this house! Throw her out already!”

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Grand Secretary Fang frowned . “Yaoyao, be polite to Xiao Wu . ”

If Mu Yaoyao had paid a little more attention to his tone, she would have realized that her grandfather was already very angry .

“Xiao Wu?” Mu Yaoyao was shocked . Since when was her grandpa this familiar with Feng Wu?

No! Her grandpa was hers alone!

“Grandpa, is an outsider more important to you than me now?!”

Grand Secretary Fang frowned at Mu Yaoyao . The girl was no longer that cute and charming granddaughter he remembered, but sounded tart and mean .

The old man was no longer hiding his irritation, but as enraged as she was at the moment, Mu Yaoyao didn’t see it at all .

“Grandpa!” Mu Yaoyao thought she could have anything because of her grandfather’s love and indulgence . She glanced at the books in Feng Wu’s hands . Feng Wu wanted to read them? Not in a million years! Those belonged to the Mu family, and with one word from her, Feng Wu wouldn’t even get a page of them!

“Grandpa, aren’t you retiring and going back to your hometown? Can I have all the books in your stack room? Please~” Mu Yaoyao swayed Grand Secretary Fang’s arm back and forth and pleaded in a soft, saccharine voice that reminded one of a kitten .

Chaoge was so mad!

Xiao Wu needed to read a lot of books; it would be a disaster for her if she couldn’t get access to them . This Mu Yaoyao was outrageous!

Chaoge waved her fists . She wanted to hit someone so badly .

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