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Published at 18th of April 2020 02:25:07 PM
Chapter 563: 563

Grand Secretary Fang waved his hand . “You can find all the books on that list in the stack room at the back . Feel free to read as many as you want and try your best to understand the texts . ”

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Just then, footsteps came from outside .

Steward Fang’s voice rang out . “Master, the lady is here with the princess . ”

Grand Secretary Fang frowned at those words . He then turned to Feng Wu . “Go find the books; you can take them back home to read . ”

An idea struck Feng Wu .

Were they Grand Secretary Fang’s daughter and granddaughter? Why had the old man changed his mind and told them to read on their own?

Feng Wu couldn’t figure out why, but neither did she care . Shaking her head, she led Chaoge to the stack room at the back .

For Grand Secretary Fang had given her the key to the room already .

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As soon as Feng Wu and Chaoge left, footsteps approached from outside .

“Grandpa, Grandpa —”

Feng Wu would have recognized that voice right away if she were here .

The voice belonged to Mu Yaoyao .

“Father —” Lady Mu greeted Grand Secretary Fang .

Mu Yaoyao rushed to Grand Secretary Fang’s side and took his arm . “Grandpa, it’s so nice to see you . Are you sleeping well these days? Did you miss us?”

Grand Secretary Fang frowned a little .

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Grand Secretary Fang saw that Lady Mu and Mu Yaoyao had brought quite a few chests with them and Lady Mu was instructing the servants, “Put them in the warehouse . ”

“What’s this about?” Grand Secretary Fang’s eyes flickered .

“Grandpa~” Mu Yaoyao took Grand Secretary Fang’s arm . “I have a favor to ask . Please say yes~ please~”

The bruises on Mu Yaoyao’s face hadn’t faded completely and Grand Secretary Fang frowned when he noticed them . “What happened to your face?”

A look of hatred flickered in Mu Yaoyao’s eyes at the mention of that . “It was all because of Feng Wu! Hmph!

“Grandpa, you have no idea how abominable Feng Wu is! She…” Mu Yaoyao then told Grand Secretary Fang about what happened at World Tower and finished her story indignantly, “I’m going to beat her up whenever I see her from now on!”

Mu Yaoyao had completely distorted the incident at World Tower . She kept emphasizing what a bully Feng Wu was and how helpless she had been herself .

Lady Mu knew perfectly well what really happened, but she showed no intention of stopping Mu Yaoyao from slandering Feng Wu .

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The frown on Grand Secretary Fang’s face grew bigger .

Nonsense! The Feng Wu he knew was clever, kind, and reasonable . She was nothing like the person Yaoyao described! Grand Secretary Fang didn’t believe a word she said .

“It’s Mu Yaoyao —”

Meanwhile, Feng Wu and Chaoge were heading for the front gate, each holding a stack of books . They heard Mu Yaoyao’s accusations when they walked past the main hall .

Mu Yaoyao? Feng Wu pricked up her ears . She called Grand Secretary Fang “Grandpa”?

Come to think of it, Grand Secretary Fang was Xuan Yi’s grandfather, and Mu Yaoyao addressed Xuan Yi as “cousin . ” That was to say, Mu Yaoyao and Xuan Yi’s mothers were sisters .

Chaoge flared up right away!

How dare that woman slander Feng Wu behind her back, not to mention that everything she said was a lie! This Mu Yaoyao was unbelievable!

Throwing her books on the ground, Chaoge was going to charge into the room and beat that woman up .

Feng Wu stopped her in a hurry . “Wait . ”

“I won’t wait!” Chaoge said indignantly . “I should have beaten the crap out of that Mu Yaoyao when I had the chance! She’s slandering you behind your back! I hate it when people do that!”

“Who’s making all that noise out there?!”

Lady Mu’s stately voice came from inside .

“It’s me! Duan Chaoge!” Rolling up her sleeves, Chaoge charged into the main hall .

Feng Wu didn’t say anything either .

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