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Chapter 565: 565

Mu Yaoyao darted a defiant look at Feng Wu as she fawned over her grandfather .

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Yes, I’m turning everyone against you, Feng Wu . Bite me .  Mu Yaoyao was over the moon .

Feng Wu frowned and smirked . She then cupped her fists at the old man . “If that’s the case, sir, please leave those books to your granddaughter . Goodbye!”

After that, Feng Wu took Chaoge’s hand and turned to leave .

“Wait —”

A cold, authoritative voice rang out behind Feng Wu .

It was a voice that belonged to someone used to giving commands .

Feng Wu turned around and looked at Grand Secretary Fang in bewilderment .

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Grand Secretary Fang stared at Mu Yaoyao . “What do you need these books for?”

“To read them,” said Mu Yaoyao casually . “I’m taking the exam for Imperial College this year and they’ll be very helpful to me . Grandpa, please give them to me . ”

“No . ” Grand Secretary Fang refused her outright .

“Grandpa?” Mu Yaoyao was baffled .

And Lady Mu was as baffled as her daughter . “Father…”

Grand Secretary Fang waved her off . “Stop calling me your father . And you, too, Yaoyao . You need to address me as ‘Granduncle’ from now on . ”


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It wasn’t just Mu Yaoyao and Lady Mu; Feng Wu and Chaoge were equally baffled .

Feng Wu and Chaoge exchanged looks . That was to say, Mu Yaoyao wasn’t Grand Secretary Fang’s granddaughter . Judging by what the old man said, he was the older brother of Mu Yaoyao’s maternal grandfather .

The four of them weren’t the only ones who were shocked .

Mu Yaoyao and Lady Mu had come here today with guests .

They were a teenage boy and girl . Because of the row between Mu Yaoyao and Feng Wu, Mu Yaoyao hadn’t had time to introduce the brother and sister to Grand Secretary Fang .

The siblings were called Yao Hao and Yao Ying, and were from a wealthy merchant family that was very influential in the empire’s business circle . However, they weren’t as well-connected in the political circle .

It was common knowledge that the Mu and Fang families were joined through marriage . The children of the Yao family were taking the exam for Imperial College this year and were worried about not being able to get in . Hence, they had gone to the Mu family for help – only the insiders knew how much the Yao family had paid the Mu family in return .

Lady Mu and Mu Yaoyao had brought the siblings here today to introduce them to Grand Secretary Fang, hoping that the old man would show them some past papers and give them some useful tips .

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Mu Yaoyao thought that since her grandpa was one of those who designed the exam questions, everyone would be happy if he could give them a few tips, or even tell them what would be in the exam paper this year .

However, Grand Secretary Fang had rejected her before she could even bring up the topic .

“Grand… uncle…” Mu Yaoyao looked at Lady Mu in confusion .

Lady Mu looked embarrassed .

She was going to say something when Grand Secretary Fang stopped her with a wave of his hand . “Your father left you in my care when he passed away, so I didn’t say anything when you called me father . But now, you’re the lady of Mu mansion, and should behave like one . Otherwise, your father in the other world would be very disappointed . ”

Lady Mu didn’t know what to say .

Since it was Grand Secretary Fang’s family business, Feng Wu decided it would be wise to not get involved . Taking Chaoge’s hand, she was ready to leave .

Grand Secretary Fang said grumpily, “Take these books with you . I’m going to test you on them tomorrow . ”

“Okay, got it —”

Picking up the books, Feng Wu and Chaoge left right away .

Mu Yaoyao still looked deeply shaken .

As it turned out, the famous Grand Secretary Fang… wasn’t her grandfather after all!

Once that was cleared up, Grand Secretary Fang darted a casual look at Lady Mu . “So, what brings you here today?”

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