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Published at 18th of April 2020 02:25:12 PM
Chapter 562

“Xiao Wu, you have extensive knowledge of formations and cultivation theories, and you gave the correct answer to every single question on those subjects . However, when it comes to subjects you haven’t delved into, you don’t know the answers . ”

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Feng Wu nodded earnestly . The old man was right .

“That means it’ll be very difficult for you to improve . So many subjects are covered and there’s so much you’ll need to learn . You won’t have time to remember all the books . My advice is that you should give up on this section . ” Grand Secretary Fang was very straightforward .

But Feng Wu only frowned . She didn’t want to give up .

Grand Secretary Fang went on flipping through the exam paper . “You got full marks in section four . ”

He gave Feng Wu a strange look . “Apart from ice, do you know the other elements as well?”

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Because her beautiful master had explained to her the elemental laws from a strategic point of view, to show Feng Wu a big picture of the entire continent —

Feng Wu nodded . “Yes . ”

For the moment, Grand Secretary Fang decided to take her word for it, though he didn’t actually believe her .

For he himself who had studied the elemental laws for so many years still had a lot more to learn, even at this age . She was only 13 . How much could she know?

Little did Grand Secretary Fang know that Feng Wu had been taught by the most formidable person to have ever existed on this continent .

“Because of your skills in formation and medicine refinement, you got full marks in section five as well . ”

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Grand Secretary Fang let out a sigh of relief after the analysis . “Therefore, your main problem is memorizing the content tested in sections one and two . So —”

Grand Secretary Fang took a booklet from the old steward and handed it to Feng Wu . “Here’s the book list . Remember everything in every book and you should be able to get into the top 1000 . ”

“What if…” Feng Wu asked . “What if I want to get full marks in section three as well…”

Grand Secretary Fang gave her a strange look . “Kiddo, you only have less than seven days . ”

Other people started preparing for this exam pretty much the moment they were born . It would take them at least ten years as they made their way through junior and intermediate schools before they got to the actual exam .

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And Feng Wu only had seven days .

“That’s why I said ‘what if . ’” Feng Wu smiled .

“If you still have time after memorizing those 1000 books —” Grand Secretary Fang glanced at the old steward .

The old steward went to the bookshelf at the back of the room and brought back a small wooden box .

“I know . She’ll need to memorize everything in the booklets in that box, right?” Chaoge’s eyes sparkled .

Grand Secretary Fang was speechless .

He turned to Feng Wu . “There are ten booklets here, and they all just contain book titles . Each booklet is an extensive reading list for one subject: in total, 10,000 books are mentioned here . And you only have seven days . ”

Feng Wu nodded . “I’ll read them if I have time . ”

She was certain that given Jun Linyuan’s temperament, he would only come up with new ways to make her life harder . That was just the way he was . So, Feng Wu wanted to make sure that she was ready for anything .

Grand Secretary Fang nodded . He then turned to Chaoge and he sighed again .

Chaoge said, “I – I’ll start reading, too… I’ll read them all!”

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