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Chapter 561: 561

Wrapping her arms around Chaoge, Feng Wu said, “Silly girl, don’t say that . It’s just Imperial College and you only need to take the exam if you want to . It’s not worth crying over . ”

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However, Feng Wu’s comforting words only made Chaoge cry harder .

Still weeping, Chaoge took Feng Wu’s hand . “I have to get into Imperial College . You’re going there and so am I . I don’t want to be left behind, Xiao Wu —”

Feng Wu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry . “Alright, alright . We’ll go together . I promise . ”

Grand Secretary Fang heaved a long sigh . “Fine . Little Chaoge can join you in studying, but you know the odds of her passing the exam . ”

Feng Wu nodded . She knew she would find a way to help Chaoge .

Grand Secretary Fang saw Feng Wu as his chief student . “The physical tryout won’t be a problem for you . As a Level 4 Spiritual Grandmaster, you’re already one of the best among the new students . ”

Feng Wu nodded .

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“Your main problem is the written exam . ” Grand Secretary Fang start to explain the exam to Feng Wu in detail . “First of all, tell me, why do you think Imperial College set up a written exam?”

“That’s right . Why?” Chaoge was bewildered .

The old man kept his gaze on Feng Wu .

Feng Wu said, “Because all government officials of the empire are chosen from graduates of Imperial College . Imperial College’s graduation exam is known as the national exam, and those who pass it can start their career in politics as junior officials . ”

That was why the entrance exam was so strict .

Not all graduates of Imperial College had to become politicians, but all politicians were graduates of Imperial College .

“Moreover —” added Grand Secretary Fang, “The families of public officials will consider Imperial College graduates first when it comes to marriage . Without this education, you won’t even be able to marry well . ”

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Therefore, to the people of the Junwu Empire, entering Imperial College meant promising futures for them .

Otherwise, their futures would be very bleak .

Chaoge tugged at Feng Wu . “Xiao Wu, I have to take the exam and get in . ”

Grand Secretary Fang was speechless .

Xiao Wu had a good chance of getting in, but Chaoge didn’t seem to fit anywhere .

Feng Wu nodded . “Alright . You’ll get in if you want to . ”

Grand Secretary Fang didn’t know what to say .

He shook his head and said to Feng Wu, “Your task now can be considered hard and easy at the same time . ”

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Feng Wu looked at him in bewilderment .

Pointing at the paper, the old man explained, “Section one, filling in the blanks . All you need to do is memorize mechanically . The excerpt is taken from one of 1000 books, so what you need to do is learn those 1000 books by heart . ”

Feng Wu said, “No problem . ”

The old man darted a suspicious look at her . That was quick .

“It’s 1000 books we’re talking about here . Not one book . ”

“I know . ”

Grand Secretary Fang said, “And you can’t just flip through them . You have to remember every word by heart . ”

Feng Wu said, “No problem . ”

Grand Secretary Fang rubbed his forehead . “If you say so . Now, let’s move on to section two .

“This section requires you to write down a passage from memory, which is essentially the same as section one . It’s also randomly picked from one of those 1000 books and you have to memorize all the words . ”

Feng Wu nodded . “Of course!”

Grand Secretary Fang turned the page . “Section three consists of multiple choice questions, and they can be about anything . It tests the knowledge that you’ve accumulated over the years —”

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