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Published at 17th of April 2020 10:25:08 AM
Chapter 560: 560

Grand Secretary Fang turned to section one and it was blank .

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Section two . Blank .

Section three…

The old man’s eyes were the size of saucers!

And the sound of flipping pages was very loud!

He would dart a look at Chaoge every now and then as he looked through her paper .

Chaoge was still on the chubbier side, which gave her a tough look .

However, she couldn’t help but cringe at Grand Secretary Fang’s stare and she tried to take cover behind Feng Wu .

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Grand Secretary Fang snorted grumpily . “Seriously? You think she can shield you?”

Chaoge gave Grand Secretary Fang a pleading look .

“Get over here!”

Grand Secretary Fang snapped .

Aggrieved, Chaoge turned to Feng Wu for help .

Feng Wu could only rub her forehead in resignation . Her face was also twitching after looking at all those blank answer sheets .

Grand Secretary Fang had picked up his cinnabar pen to correct the paper, but he got blank sheets from the beginning to the end…

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The old man didn’t know what to say .

Feng Wu didn’t say anything either .

Chaoge kept her silence, but took a small step back .

Grand Secretary Fang glared at Chaoge . “You —”

He wanted to say something, but words failed him .

After doing this for so many years, this was the first time he had ever seen a completely unanswered exam paper . Read more chapter on vipnovel . com

Seeing how cross the old man was, Feng Wu poured him a cup of tea at once . “There, please have some tea and calm down . Chaoge has always been a straight D student, I won’t deny that . ”

Grand Secretary Fang’s chest heaved with indignation .

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Straight D student? Yes, that was exactly what she was!

“You’re absolutely correct!” Taking Feng Wu’s hand, the old man vented his grievances . “I’ve never met any student as hopeless as she is! How can she, how can she…”

Feng Wu rushed to the old man’s side and massaged his shoulders in an ingratiating manner . “Please don’t get upset . Chaoge tends to go overboard on some subjects . Theory isn’t her forte, but she’s great in actual combat and very efficient in her cultivation . At least she’s more than just empty talk, right? With proper education, there’s no difference between students . I’m sure you’ll teach her well . ”

Grand Secretary Fang gulped down deep breaths, then said reluctantly, “I’m going to have a stroke before I can do that!”

“Nonsense . You’ll live a thousand years and more . Please help Chaoge . Please…”

Grand Secretary Fang gave Feng Wu a disgruntled look . He had daughters and granddaughters of his own, but they were nowhere near as sweet as this child .

With a wave of his hand, Grand Secretary Fang said, “Fine, fine . I’ll teach Chaoge as well, for your sake . ”

Both Feng Wu and Chaoge were elated . After all, they only had seven days left .

Grand Secretary Fang said to Feng Wu, “You can worry about Chaoge later . You’re not much better yourself . You got 200 points out of 300, which means you barely passed . But that won’t put you in the top 1000 students . ”

Only the top 1000 could qualify for the physical tryout .

“It’s so competitive…” The more Chaoge thought about it, the sadder she became .

Xiao Wu had 200 points and she still couldn’t get into the top 1000 . She herself couldn’t answer a single question… What was she supposed to do?

“Xiao Wu, I’m so sorry…” Chaoge was so upset that she smacked herself on the head and stomped her foot . “You got me that exam permit after all those setbacks, but I’m so useless… I’m sorry… sorry…”

Overwhelmed with guilt, Chaoge began to cry…

Feng Wu rubbed her head, but it only made Chaoge sadder, which upset Feng Wu as well .

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