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Chapter 559

Grand Secretary Fang was frowning at first, but as he read on, his eyes widened . He then raised his head and stared at Feng Wu!

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“Did you… come up with the answer yourself?!” Grand Secretary Fang found it hard to believe .

How could a 13-year-old girl have such a thorough understanding of the ice attribute?

Her explanation of the theory and skill was straightforward and easy to understand . As for the innovation part —

She actually did it!

If this got out, all the ice mages on this continent would be shocked!

Because —

Even the examiners who designed this question couldn’t come up with such an answer!

“Who else do you think could have come up with the answer if not me?” Feng Wu looked at him with a half-smile .

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Grand Secretary Fang agreed .

He admired her innovation from the bottom of his heart .

Fighting back his impulses, Grand Secretary Fang moved on to correct the fifth section .


Grand Secretary Fang knew before he read the answer that Feng Wu was going to get full marks, for she was as advanced as he was, if not more .

He was right .

Feng Wu completed that medium level formation and improved it to the level of a master formation . She then stopped there .

Grand Secretary Fang raised his head and gave Feng Wu a disgruntled look . “You canny girl . ”

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She was at least a Grandmaster level formation master, but she had only demonstrated a master level formation .

And that was enough to surpass most of the formation masters on this continent — even some of the teachers in the formation department of Imperial College, for that matter .

What else could he give her but full marks?

To Grand Secretary Fang’s surprise, Feng Wu didn’t just get full marks in formation skills . In medicine refinement —

Grand Secretary Fang was well-versed in that subject as well, not to mention that he had the standard answer on hand . He then saw that the final number Feng Wu had given was down to the twelfth decimal point .

And —

It was identical to the standard answer!

That was to say —

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“You know medicine refinement?” Grand Secretary Fang asked in amazement .

Chaoge said grumpily, “What sort of question is that? Xiao Wu was an advanced medicine refiner when she was five . She could only have gotten better after so many years!”

“Five? An advanced medicine refiner?” Grand Secretary Fang couldn’t believe his ears .

Five-year-olds weren’t even as tall as a refining cauldron yet!

Feng Wu threw a disgruntled look at Chaoge . “Finish your paper . ”

Chaoge felt like crying . She knew the words on their own, but put them together into sentences and… she didn’t understand any of them! It was terrible!

Meanwhile, Grand Secretary Fang had finished correcting Feng Wu’s paper .

She got 25 in section one, zero in section two, 25 in section three, 50, which was the full mark, in section four, and 50 points each from the two questions on auxiliary skills .

Out of 300 points, Feng Wu got 200 in total .

That exceeded Grand Secretary Fang’s expectations; Feng Wu had scored much higher than he had anticipated . He had thought she would get 50 points at most .

“Is this really your first time answering these questions?” Grand Secretary Fang looked at Feng Wu suspiciously .

Feng Wu smiled bitterly . “My family just moved back from Northern Border City . Do you think I could get hold of mock exam papers when I was out there?”

Grand Secretary Fang agreed .

This girl really was a genius .

Despite his joy, Grand Secretary Fang kept a straight face . He then turned to look at Chaoge .

Chaoge couldn’t sit still anymore . She slowly rose to her feet and handed in her paper .

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