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Chapter 555

Feng Wu gave her a wry smile . “I’ve been keeping it from everyone on purpose . ”

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“But why?” Chaoge was confused .

Feng Wu said grumpily, “The people who did those things to me are still lurking in the dark . Revealing myself prematurely is as good as sending them an invitation to kill me, don’t you think?”

Chaoge nodded repeatedly . “That’s right — although, I bet they’ll be so shocked if they knew how wonderful you are already . ”

“I’ll gladly shock them out of their minds . ” Feng Wu was in a great mood .

Chaoge then glanced at Feng Wu in grievance . “You said you were going to eat me… I was so scared . ”

“Hahaha —” Feng Wu talked as she walked and she said grumpily, “If I didn’t say that, your family would think that you were with me and you’d be in a lot of trouble . ”

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Chaoge found that explanation reasonable .

Feng Wu went on, “Now that I’ve made it look like you were taken away, your family won’t blame you . Moreover, it doesn’t seem like they’ll bother to search for you . After you go back with your achievements, you can tell them outright and honestly that they never tried to save you in the first place . ”

Chaoge was thrilled to hear that and her eyes lit up!

With a single sentence, Feng Wu was making all these future plans for her!

“Xiao Wu, you’re so smart! How did you come up with those things given the circumstances?” Chaoge scratched her own head . Why was she so dumb herself?

Feng Wu patted her head . “Enough of that . We have less than seven days left and we’ll have to prepare for both the written exam and the physical tryout . There’s no time to lose . ”

When they got back, they didn’t even walk into the Feng clan manor, but went straight to Grand Secretary Fang’s house next door .

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Grand Secretary Fang was composing a memorial to the throne .

Xiao Wu was so talented, but she couldn’t get into Imperial College because of His Royal Highness’s intervention . It was such a loss to the school!

The more Grand Secretary Fang thought about it, the more sorry he felt . In the end, he decided to write it down in a memorial to the throne .

Other people might not dare to confront Jun Linyuan, but surely His Majesty would…

Grand Secretary Fang was only halfway through the memorial to the throne when Feng Wu and Chaoge arrived .

The old steward was waiting on Grand Secretary Fang inside, and Steward Fang stood outside the room .

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After what happened last time, when Steward Fang had failed to recognize Feng Wu’s talent, the man greeted Feng Wu warmly . “Miss Feng, it’s wonderful to see you . Please come in . ”

“Is your old master in?” Feng Wu asked as she walked in .

“Yes . Yes, of course . ” The last thing Steward Fang would do now was stop her . His old master thought very highly of this young lady .

Steward Fang showed Feng Wu to an inner living room .

The old steward opened the door and let Feng Wu and Chaoge in after recognizing them .

Grand Secretary Fang still had half of the memorial to the throne to write when Feng Wu entered . He grunted . “You came soon enough . How did it go? Did His Royal Highness give you a hard time?”

Feng Wu said innocently, “No, he didn’t . ”

“You don’t have to pretend with me,” Grand Secretary Fang said grumpily . “Don’t worry . My words still mean something and I’m writing a memorial to the throne to His Majesty . I don’t know about other people, but His Majesty should be able to talk to him . ”

Feng Wu was very touched .

The old man was so nice to her that she almost felt bad about buying his house .

Feng Wu opened her palm, revealing a little red booklet .

“What —”

The old man rose to his feet so abruptly that he stumbled .

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