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Published at 15th of April 2020 02:25:08 PM
Chapter 554: 554

Seeing Duan Chaoyue fall on her face, Chaoge rushed over, climbed onto her back, and pounded Duan Chaoyue’s head with her fist!

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Thump! Thump! Thump!

The strikes were relentless!

But Feng Wu could sense a formidable power coming their way!

There was no time to think . Grabbing Chaoge, Feng Wu said, “I like this chubby girl . She’ll make a nice stew for my dinner; she’s coming with me!”

After that, Feng Wu hurried off, dragging Chaoge along with her!

Feng Wu and Chaoge had just jumped over the wall when a middle-aged man appeared in front of Duan Chaoyue .

“What’s going on?”

“Father!” Duan Chaoyue looked up and saw that it was her awe-inspiring father . She wrapped her arms around his leg and burst into tears right away .

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Duan Hongyi was going to go after the intruder, but with Duan Chaoyue holding his leg, he couldn’t move .

“Phew —”

Feng Wu only let out a breath of relief after they were away from the Duan family .

She was only able to handle Duan Chaoyue and Duan Chaoyin that easily because she was a Level 4 Spiritual Grandmaster and those two were only Level 9 Spiritual Masters . There was no surprise there .

However, the person that came afterwards was way above Feng Wu’s level . She might be able to run away from him, but Chaoge would be in a lot of trouble .

“You — you can’t eat me! I don’t taste good at all!” Chaoge stared at Feng Wu in alarm .

Chaoge didn’t recognize her?

Feng Wu found the girl hilarious . She put on a long face and eyed Chaoge maliciously . “Chubby girls like you are my favorite! I’ll slow cook you on a pan until the grease sizzles! It’ll smell so good!”

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Chaoge pictured herself sizzling in a pan and was almost in tears!

But she still said stubbornly, “I, I’m poisonous!”

Feng Wu stepped forward . “That’s ok . Poison doesn’t affect me . ”

“I, I… Do you know who Feng Wu is? We’re good friends! If you eat me, she’ll kill you to take revenge for me!” Chaoge stared at the masked person, sounding nervous .

Feng Wu couldn’t hold it back anymore and burst out laughing .

“You —” Chaoge recognized that voice and her eyes widened .

Feng Wu then removed the black scarf over her face .

“Xiao Wu! It’s you!!!”

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Chaoge stared at Feng Wu in disbelief!

“You, you —”

She hadn’t detected any spiritual essence in Feng Wu all this time, so she just assumed that…

She didn’t realize that Feng Wu was such an advanced cultivator!

“Xiao Wu, you…” Chaoge was more excited than if she had the ability herself . She ran up to Feng Wu and threw her arms around the latter . “Xiao Wu, you smacked Chaoyin down and kicked Chaoyue away in one go! Wow! Xiao Wu, you’re incredible! What level are you now? Let me guess —

“Are you a Level 1 Spiritual Grandmaster?”

Feng Wu shook her head .

“Level 2, then?”

Feng Wu shook her head again .

“Level 3?!” Chaoge was thrilled .

But Feng Wu stil shook her head . “Not anymore . ”

“Holy crap! You’re a Level 4 Spiritual Grandmaster? Oh my god!” Chaoge’s knees almost buckled .

Feng Wu nodded . “Yes, for now . ”

For… now…

Chaoge smiled in resignation .

“A Level 9 Spiritual Master is already good enough to qualify for the exam . Xiao Wu, you…” Chaoge’s cheeks flushed with excitement . “Those people all think that you have no spiritual essence and they all laughed at you! Are they blind?!

“No, I was as blind as them —” Chaoge buried her face in her hands and smiled bitterly . “I’ve been with you all this time, yet I had no idea how amazing you are!”

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