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Published at 16th of April 2020 02:20:08 PM
Chapter 556: 556

Feng Wu reached out in a hurry and steadied him . “Watch out!”

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The old man snatched the red booklet from Feng Wu and opened it!

Feng Wu’s personal information was indeed recorded in it!

“I have one, too —”

Chaoge presented her own as well .

Only after Grand Secretary Fang examined both booklets was he convinced that Feng Wu had really received her exam permit .

The old man hadn’t thought much of the exam permit at first, but then Jun Linyuan got involved, and all of a sudden, it was hell mode for them all .

“You really have it…” The old man was amazed . “Didn’t His Royal Highness try to intervene?”

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Feng Wu had charged out, looking as if she was going to punch someone in the face . Grand Secretary Fang had thought that Feng Wu would be thrown out of the crown prince’s residence for sure . However, not only hadn’t she been thrown out, she had somehow secured the exam permits?

Grand Secretary Fang found it hard to believe .

Feng Wu nodded . “I was lucky . Jun Linyuan had a breakthrough and he was in a good mood . So, he made it easy for me . ”

Grand Secretary Fang cried out, “His Royal Highness made a breakthrough again?”

“Exactly what level is he now?” Feng Wu couldn’t help but ask .

It seemed that Jun Linyuan’s cultivation level was a secret .

The old man patted Feng Wu’s head grumpily . “That’s a top secret of the empire! You shouldn’t even ask! Now that you have the exam permit, your most important task now is to pass the exam . ”

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“Yes —” Feng Wu and Chaoge stood at attention and nodded solemnly .

“As for the physical tryout —” Grand Secretary Fang sighed in resignation . “Chaoge can probably make do with a crash course, but what about Xiao Wu? You’re —”

She had no cultivation ability whatsoever and the old man didn’t know what to do .

Chaoge’s eyes lit up .

Xiao Wu wasn’t a cripple! She was amazing!

Right now, the only people in the room were Feng Wu, Chaoge, and Grand Secretary Fang .

Feng Wu smiled, then put the Concealing Jade back into her ring .

If she hadn’t seen the old man writing that memorial to the throne to Emperor Wu, she would never have realized how kind he was to her, which was why she decided to let him in on her secret .

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Grand Secretary Fang was deep in thought, trying to come up with some ideas to help Feng Wu . He turned around and saw Feng Wu beaming at him .

The old man was disgruntled . “Kiddo, get serious . We’re running out of time . The exam is in seven days and you can’t even —

“Wait a minute!”

Grand Secretary Fang looked shaken all of a sudden . He rushed to Feng Wu’s side and his voice trembled with excitement . “Kiddo, you —”

Staring at Feng Wu, the old man said in a shaky voice, “No, that can’t be . That’s impossible…”

However, Feng Wu only stood there as steady as anything, with perfect composure .

“Show me your hand!” Grand Secretary Fang stared at Feng Wu .

Feng Wu gave him her right hand, then activated her spiritual essence .

“A Level 4 Spiritual Grandmaster!” Grand Secretary Fang figured it out right away .

“You have very sharp eyes . ” Feng Wu grinned .

“You naughty kid…” Grand Secretary Fang smiled wryly . “You’re already very capable . Why did you go to all that trouble to hide it? Do you like to be called a cripple?”

However, given how experienced Grand Secretary Fang was, he immediately realized why Feng Wu had done so .

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