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Chapter 553

“It seems that she’s as useless as ever . Duan Chaoge, are you an idiot? Why are you still hanging out with her?”

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Chaoge could stand it if she was the only one Duan Chaoyin insulted, but she had insulted Feng Wu .

Chaoge spun around and slapped Duan Chaoyin in the face!

“She’s not useless!”

The attack was so sudden and Chaoge’s hand moved unbelievably fast!

Duan Chaoyin had no time to react!

She was dumbfounded .

“You —”

Both Duan Chaoyin and Duan Chaoyue had applied for Imperial College and were Level 9 Spiritual Masters . After they realized what had happened, they charged at Chaoge at once!

Since Chaoge had made a move, she wasn’t going to back off now!

Thump! Thump! Thump!

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A fight broke out right away .

Chaoge was only a Level 7 Spiritual Master now and she was no match for a Level 9, let alone two of them .

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Before long, Chaoge had bruises all over her face and she took quite a few blows to the body as well .

Duan Chaoyin smirked . “Duan Chaoge, is that all you can do? You hit me? You’re dead!”


Duan Chaoyin slashed down with her palm turned sideways, and it landed right on Duan Chaoge’s forehead!

That hurt —

Chaoge felt a dull pain in her head, her vision went dark, and she could see stars —

“Duan Chaoge, die!” Duan Chaoyin pulled a dagger out of nowhere and stabbed down at Chaoge’s heart!

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Duan Chaoyin was cold-blooded that way . Although Chaoge was her sister, she was going to kill the latter because of that slap .

Duan Chaoge’s head swam and she staggered about in all directions . She could barely keep her balance, let alone dodge the blade .

It seemed that Chaoge would be stabbed to death…

Right at that moment!


A leaf flew down and hit Duan Chaoyin on her wrist .

That hurt —

Duan Chaoyin’s grip loosened at the pain and the dagger dropped to the ground just before it reached Chaoge’s chest .

Meanwhile, Feng Wu stood on the wall .

After Chaoge was gone for a while, Feng Wu recalled the complicated relationships in the Duan family and decided to check up on the girl .

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Feng Wu knew where Chaoge lived . Like herself, Chaoge had been given the most remote courtyard in the family . Hence, she had jumped onto the wall and was going to run along it to get to Chaoge’s place . However, she saw what was happening before she entered the yard .

Feng Wu was furious!

How dare they bully Chaoge, her friend?

She picked a leaf from a nearby tree .

Luckily, Feng Wu could still think straight and she covered her face with a black scarf . She couldn’t let anyone else know about her cultivation ability for now!

“Who’s there?” Duan Chaoyin realized what was going on and a murderous look flickered in her eyes!

Looking up, she saw a masked person charging at her!

“You —”

That was all Duan Chaoyin could say . The masked person then smacked her on the forehead!


It was such a formidable blow!

Duan Chaoyin flew back and crashed into a nearby wall!


The ramshackle wall collapsed at the impact and the bricks buried Duan Chaoyin .

“You —” Seeing this, Duan Chaoyue realized the danger and turned to run .

However, she was only able to take a few steps when Feng Wu kicked up a stone and struck down with its sharp tip aimed at Duan Chaoyue’s back —

“Ahhh —”

Duan Chaoyue cried out in surprise and fell forward on her face . What a sorry picture .

Just then, Feng Wu sensed a great power surge out from deep inside the Duan family’s house!

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