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Published at 14th of April 2020 02:20:08 PM
Chapter 552: 552

Hearing those words, Duan Chaoyin and Duan Chaoyin burst into laughter again!

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If what Chaoge said before was remotely possible, the things she had just said was pure delusion!

“Have you caught a cold or something? Are you hearing yourself? Are you daydreaming?” Duan Chaoyin stared at Chaoge .

Chaoge lost her temper . “There’s nothing wrong with my head and I’ve told you nothing but the truth! Let lightning strike me if I’m lying!”

“Wow, you’re taking an oath? That’s just lame, Duan Chaoge . ” Duan Chaoyin snorted .

“I’m telling the truth!” Chaoge was furious .

Upright as she was, she hated it when she was wronged . She was eager to prove herself .

“I have the exam permit!” Chaoge cried out .

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Duan Chaoyin and Duan Chaoyue looked at each other… Could it be that she was telling the truth?

“Show us, then!” Duan Chaoyin smirked .

The two of them had their permits on them and they could tell if Chaoge’s was a genuine one if she showed it to them .

“No problem! It’s right here!” Chaoge reached into her chest pocket .


Where was her exam permit?

Xiao Wu had gone to a lot of painstaking effort to get her that exam permit . If she had lost it somehow… Chaoge panicked . She smacked her forehead, trying to remember where she had put it . But she couldn’t remember anything!

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“Where’s my exam permit? Where did I put it? My exam permit…” Chaoge was so flustered that she was almost in tears .

Duan Chaoyue and Duan Chaoyin exchanged looks, then both rolled their eyes .

“You liar!”

“You’re so vain!”

“You don’t have it, so stop pretending!”

“Mr Lu? And His Royal Highness? Seriously? You’re unbelievable . ”

“You’re not a bad actress, I’ll give you that . Keep up the good work and show us your exam permit!”

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Duan Chaoyin and Duan Chaoyue looked at each other and both burst out laughing . This was so much fun . That humble Duan Chaoge was capable of telling lies now .

“I remember! Xiao Wu has it!” Chaoge said in excitement and heaved a sigh of relief . “I didn’t lose it, or it would be such a waste of Xiao Wu’s efforts —”

However, Chaoge had barely finished her sentence when —

“Oh my, you can’t keep up with your lie, so you’re getting Feng Wu involved now? She helped you get the exam permit? Hahahaha — are you telling me that she was able to persuade all three members, Mr Lu included?” Duan Chaoyin decided that Chaoge had lost her mind, for that was such an unbelievable story .

“Teehee —” Duan Chaoyue tittered . “Sister, don’t put it that way . Chaoge put in a lot of effort to make up such a long story . ”

“Hahaha, I might actually believe her if she had said that someone else helped her with it . But Feng Wu — that genius-turned-useless Feng Wu? Oh god, Duan Chaoge, can you be any more delusional?”

Chaoge was so mad!

She didn’t want to talk to these people anymore and she turned to leave .

But they wouldn’t leave her alone .

“Stop right there!”

Chaoge ignored them .

“Where are you going?!” Duan Chaoyin frowned .

“To Xiao Wu’s place, of course!” Chaoge snorted .

Duan Chaoyin frowned . “I heard that that good-for-nothing snuck back from Northern Border City . It seems —”

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