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Chapter 55

Chapter 55: Can You Tell The Truth?

Originally, when Yu Ming Ye saw Feng Wu sink towards the bottom of the river, he was going to reach out and fish her up!

However, Feng Xun was too fierce!

He directly charged into the river, then ‘pa pa pa’ he directly charged over, splash splash, he sprayed water on Yu Ming Ye’s whole body.

Yu Ming Ye’s eyes were originally so inflamed, his eyesight became blurry. As his whole face was splashed with the frothy water, his eyes stung so bad he couldn’t even open them!

Originally, he actually still had the chance to grab Feng Wu, but when he was interrupted by Feng Xun like that, the chance slipped away.

Yu Ming Ye’s heart screamed with anger!

But what made him even angrier was!

Feng Xun lifting his hand to grab Yu Ming Ye’s collar without any trace of politeness and saying while grinding his teeth. “Yu

Ming Ye, you bastard! What enmity did my Little Fifth have with you! You go so far as to kill her! I’m going to kill you!”

His voice hadn’t dropped when Feng Xun lifted his hand, directly made a fist aimed at Yu Ming Ye’s nose, and let loose at once!


Pitiful Yu Ming Ye. He was already too miserably harmed by Feng Wu, both feet wounded, eyes wounded, internal injuries still quite serious……to the extent that he couldn’t dodge. That high and straight bridge of his nose was immediately met with a fist.

It wasn’t that the head elder didn’t go to save him. The head elder was barred by Jun Lin Yuan.

Yu Ming Ye was furious!

That ugly girl swindled him to suffer such bitterness. He hadn’t been able to do anything, yet now, Feng Xun, this little bastard, unexpectedly said that he made that ugly girl die? That ugly girl clearly

clearly had escaped, ok? !

Yet, could Yu Ming Ye speak the truth?

He couldn’t!

Because he would rather die than be willing to have three people know that he’d been tricked so embarrassingly, because this concerned his dignity as a man!

Thus, Yu Ming Ye didn’t say anything further and fought back against Feng Xun.

“You’re fighting me? What big nerves!”

“You dared to kill my Little Fifth. Pay with your life!”

Slam slam slam!

Originally, Feng Xun wasn’t a match for Yu Ming Ye, but Yu Ming Ye’s strength had been reduced by Feng Wu’s tricks, to the extent that the two surprisingly fought to a draw.

Afterwards, it was Jun Lin Yuan who angrily shouted. “Stop!”

Thus, everybody stopped in the next second. Furthermore, after rapidly retreating, two big groups of people took shape.

Jun Lin Yuan’s faction and Yu Ming Ye’s faction.

After Feng Xun separated himself from Yu Ming Ye, the first thing he did was to enter

to enter the river to look for a body, however……how was there even a shadow of Feng Wu left? Even a strip of cloth was nowhere to be found. The rim of Feng Xun’s eyes suddenly became red!

During this time, Yu Ming Ye’s eyes became much better. He saw Feng Xun’s expression and coldly smiled and harrumphed!

At this moment, Jun Lin Yuan’s pair of good-looking sword shaped eyebrows slightly knitted as he looked at the Immortal Spirit Fruit in his hand, deep eyes, profound and unfathomable……

Yu Ming Ye’s mouth curved like a smile yet did not smile. “Crown Prince Jun, you finally now see that there’s a problem with the Immortal Spirit Fruit? Tch tch tch, that power of observation of yours is no longer so great.”

Jun Lin Yuan’s dark eyes half narrowed dangerously.

The fruit was inside the white jade box. Jun Lin Yuan indeed was never aware that something was wrong something was wrong with it, until just a moment ago when he saw Feng Wu’s figure disappear……he felt it to be strange and examined the Immortal Spirit Fruit a bit, before discovering that there was a problem.

Feng Xun saw Jun Lin Yuan’s complexion become unsightly and asked at once. “Boss Jun, what is it? Isn’t the fruit in your hands? What problem can there be?”

“That’s a good question, ha haha——” The anger caused by Feng Wu immediately faded away after Yu Ming Ye heard this question from Feng Xun. He put his hands on his hips, immensely proud of himself, as he shot Jun Lin Yuan a glance. “Aren’t you the omnipotent Crown Prince Jun? Can there still be something wrong with the Immortal Spirit Fruit while it’s in your hands? Ha ha ha——”

Jun Lin Yuan’s complexion became more and more difficult to look at.

“Boss Jun?” Feng Xun stared blankly.

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