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Chapter 56

Chapter 56: Clearly It Was Because……

Jun Lin Yuan’s gaze was gloomy and penetrating, his aura was so formidable that each and everyone at the scene couldn’t help but shrink back a bit.

Yu Ming Ye was still laughing heartily. “How is it? My words weren’t wrong, right? There’s something wrong with the Immortal Spirit Fruit, right? Ha haha——”

Feng Xun was just about to step forward and argue with Yu Ming Ye, but saw Jun Lin Yuan restrain his own complexion as he stared at the Immortal Spirit Fruit which looked like white jade, dense brows knitting slightly. “There’s indeed a problem with the fruit.”

“What? Feng Xun was alarmed, and almost jumped up. “How can there be a problem with the Immortal Spirit Fruit? This fruit……could it be that the fruit we picked from the cliff was fake?”

Everyone turned

towards Jun Lin Yuan.

However, Jun Lin Yuan faintly shook his head, his eyes cold and severe. “That’s not it.”

Feng Xun anxiously said. “But, ever since it was plucked from the top of the cliff, the Immortal Spirit Fruit has always been in your hands, you’re Jun Lin Yuan, is it possible that this thing could be stolen by someone, can that be? This is simply an impossibility.”

Jun Lin Yuan’s silhouette hidden in depth, clear pupils, the cold light in his eyes just like an unsheathed sword, he coldly stated. “Not stolen away.”

“Not stolen away? Then what is it?” The bewildered Feng Xun didn’t understand.

Jun Lin Yuan’s pure thin lips curved into a mysterious arc as he threw the Immortal Spirit Fruit towards Feng Xun.

Feng Xun’s pair of hands caught it without delay, he looked at it left and

and right, yet didn’t discover anything wrong with this Immortal Spirit Fruit. Wasn’t this the fruit they plucked at the top of the overhanging cliff?

Until Feng Xun used his hand to pinch, sss——

A stream of water squeezed out from inside the fruit!

As he was caught off guard, Feng Xun’s face got sprayed.

“Ha haha——” At the moment Yu Ming Ye saw Feng Xun face wet from being sprayed, he put his hands on his hips at once, haha ha his laughter sounded out. He pointed at Feng Xun and laughed so hard he had difficulty breathing. “Ha haha, you’re done for……you’re dead for sure……you’ve been poisoned……ha haha——”

Poisoned? ! Feng Xun was frightened and threw the Immortal Spirit Fruit to the ground without delay, jumping quite a few meters away!

However, when he felt his own face, there seemed to be no

be no difference……

He looked at the wetness in his hand, furrowing his eyebrows. “Isn’t this water? What’s with the poison? Yu Ming Ye, you tricked me!”

Finished speaking, Feng Xun again wanted to charge over and pit his life against Yu Ming Ye!

Yu Ming Ye haha howled with laughter. “Water? Ha haha——Feng Xun, are you an idiot? This is water? Haha ha, this is clearly the Wail Like Ghosts and Howl Like Wolves Soul Breaking Corpse Poison! After being poisoned, your skin will fester and corrode until you die. Haha ha——”

However, it was exceptionally peaceful all around as everyone used a kind of very strange gaze to look at Yu Ming Ye.

Yu Ming Ye’s laughter then became silent and he seemed to appear quite awkward.

He saw Feng Xun’s totally clear face and his laughter spontaneously came to an end.

That’s not right!

“Inside end.

That’s not right!

“Inside this Immortal Spirit Fruit, could it be, it ought to have been the Wail Like Ghosts and Howl Like Wolves Soul Breaking Corpse Poison, right? Why are you…’re fine? !” Yu Ming Ye’s complexion became ashened in an instant as he disbelievingly stared at Feng Xun.

Feng Xun faced him and rolled his eyes. “Wail Like Ghosts and Howl Like Wolves Soul Breaking Corpse Poison? Your brain must be ill!”

“No, it clearly should’ve been……” Yu Ming Ye attempted to explain, however——

At this moment, Jun Lin Yuan’s pair of clear eyes half narrowed dangerously, that pair of eagle like sharp and bitingly cold eyes, darkly fixed on Yu Ming Ye.

Yu Ming Ye’s brains clattered at once——

He instantly became aware of the things he shouldn’t have said, subconsciously, he covered his mouth as widely opened eyes stared at the ground!

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