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Chapter 54

Chapter 54: You Made My Little Fifth Die!

All of a sudden——

At the top of the white porcelain bottle in Feng Wu’s hand, that rubber colored wood stopper flew out with a pop!

At the same time——

A white fine powder puffed out on Yu Ming Ye’s face!

“Cough cough cough——”

Yu Ming Ye didn’t dodge in time, and at once, the powder covered his whole head and face.

It’s not that he wasn’t vigilant enough, but rather, Feng Wu’s current location and direction were both too ideal, such that it was too late for him to dodge.

During the time Yu Ming Ye still hadn’t been able to react, Feng Wu’s foot kicked at Yu Ming Ye’s face!

Pitiful Young Master Yu, that demonically charming and abundantly beautiful countenance, was almost kicked askew by Feng Wu!

Yu Ming Ye’s entire body became stunned!

One ought to know, during these years,

since childhood until now, Yu Ming Ye had always been the one to bully others!

Even if he was wounded by someone in a fight, he’d never been hit in the face by anybody!

Because everybody knew how much importance Yu Ming Ye attached to his face!

Yet now——

His golden beautiful face was unexpectedly kicked by someone, moreover, it was ruthlessly kicked by a foot!

“Young Master!” The head elder rushed forward from behind him!

Feng Wu’s heart was intensely alarmed!

The head elder by Yu Ming Ye’s side? Furthermore, the sound of these footsteps, besides this head elder, there were also no few number of people behind……Jun Lin Yuan and Feng Xun must be coming this way!

Feng Wu’s immediately felt anxious!

She took advantage of the time Yu Ming Ye’s mind wandered. Her body streaked across as quick as lightning, twisting her hips agilely from Yu Ming Ye’s

Ye’s hand and leaped up towards the expansive river like a swimming fish.

‘Splash’ sounded——

At this time, Yu Ming Ye finally regained his senses.

“Cough cough cough——”

While he’s coughing, he used some strength to wipe his face.

But the chemical powder that Feng Wu scattered was too poisonous. His pair of eyes were poisoned such that they became red and swollen. Yu Ming Ye couldn’t see clearly at present, however, he heard that splash sound out.

It’s too late to think about anything as Yu Ming Ye also jumped into the large river immediately after!

Once the head elder saw this scene, he immediately felt anxious and lifted hand to grab Yu Ming Ye!

However, Yu Ming Ye swatted away the head elder. “Don’t stop me! Today, I insist on overtaking that ugly girl no matter what!”

Yu Ming Ye cursed in his heart!

This ugly girl appeared so terrified and

terrified and even called him Young Elder Brother Yu, yet the outcome! What a sinister mind! He, Yu Ming Ye, had never been swindled so badly by anyone before in his life!

But once Yu Ming Ye entered the water, he knew it was bad!

He didn’t know what kind of poison the fine white powder that the ugly girl poured on his eyes was, but once they encountered the water, his eyes became scorchingly painful!

The originally swollen eyes, swelled even more awfully at present. He simply couldn’t open his eyes. Add to that his two constantly bleeding feet and the multitude of internal injuries……Yu Ming Ye was immediately so angry he sobbed ‘wah wah’!

In spite of the pain from his body, he rushed straight towards Feng Wu like an arrow!

Feng Wu saw Yu Ming Ye coming towards her at high speed. Her heart became alarmed heart became alarmed as she raised her hand and a white jade bottle smashed towards Yu Ming Ye’s head. “The Immortal Spirit Fruit’s juices, is that what you wanted? Take it!”

As the white jade bottle smashed against Yu Ming Ye’s forehead, Yu Ming Ye’s mind already sensed its shadow, and he subconsciously dodged.

Just like this, Feng Wu took advantage of this chance and instantly dived towards the river’s bottom.

From above the river, her figure couldn’t be seen anymore, and just at this time, Jun Lin Yuan and company quickly arrived.

“Yu Ming Ye!” Feng Xun saw little Fifth sink into the water. He saw that Yu Ming Ye still even wanted to run away. He was so angry that his eyes became all red as he furiously roared. “Yu Ming Ye! You made my Little Fifth die! I’m pitting my life against yours!”

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