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Chapter 545: 545

“You came back empty-handed, didn’t you? It’s understandable . The door to that residence isn’t open to everyone . ”

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After all, given Feng Wu’s status and capability, it was impossible for her to get through that gate .

However, Feng Wu only took a letter from her chest pocket and carefully put it down on the table .

Mr Lu frowned when he saw the envelope . Was this girl trying to bribe him now?

He picked up the envelope, took out the letter, and shook it open .

It consisted of one line only, but there was a scarlet seal at the bottom of the letter .

Mr Lu gave the right bottom corner a casual glance .

His eyes opened wide the next second!

This letter was from…

The crown prince’s residence?!

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Mr Lu raised his head abruptly and looked at Feng Wu in disbelief . He didn’t come back to himself for quite a while . After some time, he said in an affirmative tone, “This is the seal of the crown prince’s residence!”

Feng Wu nodded indifferently .

“How did you get this letter? You —”

Mr Lu couldn’t believe his eyes!

Feng Wu recalled the things she had to do for Jun Linyuan back in the residence and she didn’t know where to begin . She only said casually, “Will this letter do?”

“Yes! Of course!” The seal had to be authentic and so was Mr Feng’s handwriting .

Moreover, no one would dare fake a letter from the crown prince’s residence . If they were found out, they would wish for the death penalty .

Mr Lu just found it difficult to understand .

His Royal Highness’s man had come here to stop Feng Wu from getting the permit, but His Royal Highness had written a letter to recommend her now . What was that about?

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Mr Lu asked Feng Wu tentatively, “Are you and His Royal Highness… very close?”

Close? Feng Wu snorted . “Mr Lu, what do you think?”

Mr Lu shook his head and decided that he was thinking too much . How could these two people be close?

He nodded and wrote Feng Wu a recommendation letter . With three such letters, a cultivator below Level 9 could take part in the entrance exam for Imperial College .

Feng Wu smacked her forehead . “Oh, damn —”

Mr Lu looked at her in bewilderment .

Feng Wu said, “I forgot to mention that a friend of mine is taking the exam as well . ”

Mr Lu frowned . Another one?

“And what level is she?”

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“She’s a Level 7 Spiritual Master . ”

Mr Lu shook his head . “Are the two of you serious? You have no spiritual essence and she’s a Level 7 . How are you going to get in at all?”

However, since Feng Wu had been given permission, an extra candidate wouldn’t make much of a difference, and Mr Lu didn’t plan to make it more difficult for Feng Wu .

After all, Grand Secretary Fang and Priest Wu had both mentioned Duan Chaoge in their letters .

Once his letter was finished, Mr Lu handed all the letters to Feng Wu . “Off you go . You can get your exam permit at the assessment office . ”

Mr Lu even sent his young servant along with Feng Wu to show her the way .

The assessment office was awfully quiet at the moment .

For registration was over .

“We have quite a few good candidates this year,” said a pretty blond and blue-eyed female teacher as she flipped through the forms . She nodded appreciatively . “Princess Mu is taking the exam . This Ning Chenxi also looks really promising . And —”

Knock, knock, knock —

Someone was tapping on the door .

“Who can that be? At this hour?”

About half a dozen teachers were in the office and everyone turned to the door in bewilderment .

The door opened .

Feng Wu walked in and everyone was astonished by her stunning beauty . All teachers, male and female, stared at her with open mouths .

“Young lady, you are?” An affable elderly female teacher rose to her feet and went up to Feng Wu with a smile .

Such a pretty girl . How wonderful .

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