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Chapter 544: 544

Jun Linyuan threw a contemptuous glance at her . Why was she so happy? It was a tiny compliment .

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Holding Jun Linyuan’s arm, Feng Wu hopped around . “Since I helped you so much, can you give me that broken star piece? Please~”

There were stars in the girl’s eyes .

But Jun Linyuan only gave her a knowing look .

She might be fawning on him now, but once he gave her that broken star piece, she would forget all about him and run away as fast as she could! Jun Linyuan knew that side of her too well .

“No . ”

“But why?” Feng Wu pouted .

“Because I said so . ”

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“Then what about Imperial College?” Feng Wu eyed him eagerly .

Jun Linyuan pondered .

“Please put in a good word for me with Mr Lu, won’t you? He wouldn’t listen to me no matter what I said and it was so humiliating . Brother Jun~” Feng Wu wriggled around .

“Stand still and stop squirming!” Jun Linyuan scolded her .

“Alright…” Feng Wu drew out the word .

“Fine!” Jun Linyuan said with a stern face and waved his hand impatiently . “There can be an extra candidate for the exam . Feng —”

After standing in the background for so long, Feng was finally put to use again .

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Feng nodded, then left the courtyard .

He returned shortly afterward, handing Feng Wu an envelope with Jun Linyuan’s personal seal on it . “Miss Wu, please put this away carefully . You’ll be able to exchange this letter for an exam permit . ”

Feng Wu put the envelope in her chest pocket right away, fearing that Jun Linyuan might take it away again .

Jun Linyuan’s face darkened .

Why did he have the feeling that she liked that letter better than him?

Once the exam permit was secured, Feng Wu had nothing to ask from Jun Linyuan for the time being . She was back to her proud self again . She gave a wave of her hand and was ready to leave .

Granny Gong went up to her in a hurry .

“Miss Wu, please have this ten thousand-year-old purple ginseng soup while it’s still warm . It’s a great tonic for your body . ” Granny Gong smiled kindly at Feng Wu .

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Feng Wu wanted to turn it down, but she had made several breakthroughs in a short period of time and she did indeed feel like she was lacking some energy… But why was Granny Gong offering her a tonic?

Could it be that Granny Gong had found out about her cultivation? Feng Wu’s stomach lurched .

She looked at Granny Gong and asked tentatively, “… But why?”

“Miss Wu, you worked really hard back there and you need something nutritious . Now, drink this . It won’t be as effective when it’s cold . This works wonders,” Granny Gong said cheerfully .

Of course Feng Wu knew how wonderful it was . But…

“I didn’t work hard… It’s not like I actually did anything . ” Feng Wu tried to explain .

Granny Gong said immediately, “Yes . Yes, of course . I apologize for His Royal Highness . Miss Wu, you’re way too young to go through that . Now, please drink this purple ginseng soup . ”

“… Alright . ”

Feng Wu nodded . It seemed that Granny Gong knew how Jun Linyuan had bullied her, and this purple ginseng had been made for her as an apology .

Why let it go to waste? At that thought, Feng Wu drained the bowl in one go .

Jun Linyuan glanced at Granny Gong in silence…

Feng Wu then took the letter to Imperial College .

This was the second time today that Mr Lu took an envelope from Feng Wu .

The first one was from Old Man Ba, his old friend, and that letter had stirred him .

And this second time…

Seeing that Feng Wu had come back, Mr Lu felt sorry for her and gave her a wry smile .

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