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Published at 11th of April 2020 03:00:11 PM
Chapter 546: 546

Feng Wu liked this teacher and gave her a nod . “I’m here to register for Imperial College’s entrance exam . ”

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The pretty blond and blue-eyed teacher was the first to react . She rose to her feet, went up to Feng Wu, and looked her up and down . She only asked with a frown after a long moment, “Who are you helping to register?”

She asked this because she couldn’t detect any spiritual essence in Feng Wu .

“Myself,” Feng Wu said calmly .

The blond teacher was called Qiao Yi, and she considered herself a beauty and was well-known in Imperial College for her good looks . However, she couldn’t help but feel ashamed of her own unseemliness when she saw Feng Wu .

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Ergo, she didn’t like Feng Wu .

People could be strange this way: they didn’t really need a reason to find another person unlikeable .

“Yourself? You’ve got to be kidding me!” Qiao Yi stared at Feng Wu with wide open eyes . “How? You don’t have any spiritual essence at all!”

That was because Feng Wu had hidden her spiritual essence with her Concealing Jade .

Thanks to the imprint which her beautiful master had left on the jade, only those with a more advanced cultivation level than him could detect Feng Wu’s level .

The elderly teacher was called Yu Yue and she looked at Feng Wu in bewilderment . “Kiddo, I need to let you know that you have to be a Level 9 Spiritual Master at least to register for our entrance exam . How about you come back when you’re a little older?”

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Yu Yue acted like a kind auntie and spoke to Feng Wu in a soft voice so as not to hurt the girl’s feelings .

Qiao Yi glanced at Yu Yue, then smirked . “Ms Yu, the girl is useless in cultivation . It won’t change no matter how many more years you give her . Why give her false hope?”

After those words, Qiao Yi threw a dirty at Feng Wu . “You, don’t leave things to luck; just admit the fact that you’re a good-for-nothing . Off you go . The office is closed . ”

Feng Wu didn’t seem to be offended by Qiao Yi’s animosity at all . She only smiled . “Well, there are always exceptions . ”

“Of course . ”

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Qiao Yi smirked . “The rules of Imperial College stipulate that with recommendation letters from three different members of the education board, even some useless person with zero spiritual essence can get an exam permit . But you —”

She glanced at Feng Wu contemptuously . “How is an insignificant girl like you supposed to get those letters?”

That was never going to happen!

Even Yu Yue didn’t think that was possible, not to mention Qiao Yi . The other teachers in the room also smiled or smirked at Feng Wu .

“Are those letters that hard to get?” With her hands behind her back, Feng Wu asked casually .

“Phhh —”

Qiao Yi felt like she was talking to an idiot . “Are they hard to get? It’s impossible to get them! Do you know what the education board is like? There are only seven members in total; every single one of them is at the top of their field, and they’re all influential figures in the empire!

“I’ll give you an example . Have you heard of Grand Secretary Fang? He’s a member of the education board, the chancellor of the empire, and a first-ranked official . Given his superiority, whom do you think he’ll write a recommendation letter for?”

Feng Wu didn’t say anything .

Qiao Yi snorted . “I’ll give you another example . Do you know who Mr Lu is? Well, he’s the boss of my boss’s… boss! You can’t even get through me, so how are you going to get a letter from him? Do you think that’s possible?”

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