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Published at 10th of April 2020 07:50:12 AM
Chapter 543: 543
Chapter 543: My Dear Brother Jun~

“I… shouldn’t have… yelled at you…” Feng Wu bit her lower lip, darted a quick glance at him, then lowered her head again .

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Jun Linyuan smirked . “That’s it?”

“I… I shouldn’t have accused you of… not keeping your promise…”


“I… I shouldn’t have called you a liar…”


Feng Wu twisted her sleeve between her fingers . “I… I shouldn’t have…”

Without knowing it, Jun Linyuan’s heart had already begun to soften when he looked at the girl’s sad face . However, his tone remained just as stiff . “Which is more important to you, your life or the broken star piece?!”

“Of course the b…” Feng Wu saw Jun Linyuan frown as soon as she blurted out her reply, and she changed it right away . “My life! Of course my life is more important!”

Feng Wu even made a fist to go with the answer!

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Jun Linyuan glanced down at her . “Then?”

Then? Then what?

Feng Wu was dumbfounded .

However, judging by the look in Jun Linyuan’s eyes, she was expected to say something…

Jun Linyuan threw off Feng Wu’s hand and went on walking .

She couldn’t let him go now!

Running after him in exasperation, Feng Wu caught Jun Linyuan’s sleeve . “Then, then your life is more important than the broken star piece!”

That was what she was supposed to say, right?!

Jun Linyuan’s gaze remained blank .

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Flustered, Feng Wu cried out, “Jun Linyuan! Your life is more important than mine!”

This was it! Right? She had said the right thing, hadn’t she?

Feng Wu rested her chin on her fists and blinked her shiny eyes, eager to hear the verdict .

Jun Linyuan snorted and looked less pissed .

Feng and Granny Gong exchanged looks and both gave the crown prince a thumbs up in their heads .

Your Royal Highness! Awesome!

Feng Wu had no idea what those words she had impulsively cried out meant to Jun Linyuan . She only watched him expectantly and was very excited .

Her fair skin was flawless and she was so slim that it seemed she could barely hold up the weight of her clothes .

She looked so attractive this way .

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The thick layer of ice wrapped around Jun Linyuan’s heart cracked at that moment .

Unfortunately, he didn’t know it himself .

He coughed into his fist to ease the awkwardness .

Was she right? Was she? Feng Wu looked at him eagerly and tugged at his sleeve without realizing it .

“Hmph —” Jun Linyuan grunted .

Feng Wu acted like a little sycophant . Still holding Jun Linyuan’s sleeve, she asked, “Brother Jun, you made a breakthrough without consuming the broken star piece . It had something to do with what I did, right?”Read latest chapters at vipnovel . com

“How does it have anything to do with you?” Jun Linyuan darted her a glance .

“It has everything to do with me!” Feng Wu snapped . “Look, does a breakthrough happen to you everyday? No, right? So, it happened today because I gave you a massage, opened up your energy channels and relaxed your muscles . And voila! You leveled up! Am I right?”

Jun Linyuan raised his chin proudly and looked up at the sky . “Well —”

Feng Wu pouted, then said quietly, “Was that not the case… Have I really done nothing to help…”

She then lowered her head, looking crestfallen . Her long eyelashes quivered and she wrung the lower hem of her clothes . She looked so adorable that it reminded him of a spiritual pet .

Jun Linyuan didn’t say anything .

He then patted her head and said impatiently, “Fine . You did help a little . ”


Feng Wu’s beautiful eyes sparkled and she stared at Jun Linyuan in excitement . “Really? Really? I really helped you?!”

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