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Published at 10th of April 2020 07:50:20 AM
Chapter 541
Chapter 541: Feng Wu Shoves Jun Linyuan In Vexation

Jun Linyuan stared at Feng Wu . His eyes reminded her of bright stars and bottomless pits at the same time .

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He kept his gaze on her and something flickered in his eyes .

All of a sudden, he raised a hand and tried to touch Feng Wu’s cheek with his slender fingers .

Feng Wu stepped back involuntarily .

Jun Linyuan frowned a little .

An idea then struck Feng Wu and she beamed at him right away . “Teehee, Jun Linyuan, you’ve made a breakthrough . Are you happy now?”

Feng Wu would win the bet if he said yes!

Feng Wu held her hands together in a praying gesture, but Jun Linyuan said in a cold voice, “No . ”

Feng Wu bristled!

“Why? You’ve leveled up!”

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At Jun Linyuan’s advanced level, breakthroughs were much more difficult to attain .

Jun Linyuan glanced at her indifferently, put his hands behind his back, and said proudly, “What’s there to be happy about? All my muscles are so sore . ”

“Your muscles are sore?!” Feng Wu thought she was going to explode .

She had been so exhausted during the massage that she had wanted to stop several times . However, this guy had forced her to keep working by threatening her with that broken star piece!

At that thought, Feng Wu’s stomach lurched!

The broken star piece!

Had Jun Linyuan made a breakthrough because he had consumed that broken star piece?

Feng Wu lost control . She rushed to Jun Linyuan’s side, grabbed him, and began to feel up his chest .

Jun Linyuan was flabbergasted .

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Granny Gong, who had just arrived with some ten thousand-year-old purple ginseng soup, watched this with an open mouth .

Were they that eager?

Jun Linyuan took Feng Wu by her wrist and stared at her . “Are you really that eager?”

Granny Gong was speechless . So, she had guessed right!

Feng Wu said, “Let go of my hand! Where’s my broken star piece? Did you consume it? You did, didn’t you?!”

So, she was only after the broken star piece… Jun Linyuan’s face darkened and he looked pissed .

Feng Wu was only anxious before, but now, she panicked!

It was her broken star piece! Her only way to save her beautiful master!

No one in this world was more important to her than her beautiful master!

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Feng Wu glared at Jun Linyuan in exasperation . “Jun Linyuan! You liar! Didn’t you promise that you would give me that broken star piece? How could you use it yourself?! You’re unbelievable! I was so wrong about you!”

The crown prince’s face was darker than a stormy night!

He glowered at Feng Wu!

But Feng Wu didn’t even flinch!

Now that the broken star piece was gone, she had no reason to be threatened!

She shoved Jun Linyuan in frustration and Jun Linyuan stumbled back .

“Speak! Say something! Guilty conscience, is it? I never thought you could do this! You broke your promise in order to help your own cultivation!” Tears welled up in Feng Wu’s eyes!

Her beautiful master… She owed him so much and she had lost her only chance to save him .

She was full of despair .

Over on the other side, Granny Gong and Feng were terrified!

With their crown prince’s temperament, they wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up killing Miss Wu!

What should they do? Granny Gong was worried sick .

Feng was the more experienced one and he waved his hand . “Let’s wait and see . ”

But for what? Granny Gong was so scared of what might happen to Feng Wu .

His Royal Highness was such a proud and aloof guy that he would never let anyone wrong him like that . He had killed for even less .

But because it was Feng Wu, his only reaction was to storm off .

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