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Published at 10th of April 2020 07:50:18 AM
Chapter 542
Chapter 542: Brother Jun~

However, as soon as he turned around, he saw Feng Wu’s teary eyes and the aggrieved look on her face… One couldn’t help but feel pity for the angry and upset girl…

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But that didn’t stop Jun Linyuan from getting mad .

Staring at her, the crown prince asked in a husky, frustrated voice, β€œDoes that broken star piece really mean that much to you?”

Feng Wu glared back at him . β€œOf course! It’s more important than my own life!”

β€œMore important than mine?” Jun Linyuan gritted his teeth .

β€œAre you saying your life is more important than mine?” Feng Wu snapped .

The proud crown prince drew in his breath .

Feng looked up at the sky, not knowing what to say . Your Royal Highness, you’ve made your bed, now you must lie in it .

Breathing hard, Jun Linyuan glowered at Feng Wu . β€œYou —”

β€œI what? You want to hit me? Do it! Just do it! Without the broken star piece, I don’t want to live anymore . Kill me! Now!” Feng Wu moved closer and took Jun Linyuan’s hand .

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But then, Jun Linyuan opened his palm β€”

In the center of his palm lay that broken star piece .

Feng Wu was about to lash out again when she spotted the broken star piece . She stopped crying instantly and cried out in surprise . β€œAhhh β€”

β€œMy broken star piece! My broken star piece! It’s still here! Ahhh —”

Feng Wu hopped around in excitement and tugged at Jun Linyuan’s sleeve . β€œMy broken star piece is still here! My broken star piece! Mine!”

She was happy now? Where was that shrew from a minute ago?

The crown prince threw a dirty look at the girl . β€œWhich is more important, your life or the broken star piece?”

Feng Wu’s heart sank .

She finally realized what she had said .

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Holy shit!

She felt like hitting herself on the head . How could she…

Looking up, she saw the smirk on Jun Linyuan’s face and she was speechless .

Then, Jun Linyuan put away the broken star piece, flipped his sleeves, and was ready to leave .

No, no, no β€”

Feng Wu ran after him right away . β€œJun Linyuan!”

Jun Linyuan ignored her .

This wasn’t happening!

Feng Wu was almost in tears .

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It was so obvious that Jun Linyuan was mad!

The crown prince here was the most unforgiving person in the world and he was very vindictive!

Feng Wu ran even faster . She caught up with Jun Linyuan and grabbed his wide sleeve . β€œYour Royal Highness~ my dear crown prince~ please don’t go . Brother Jun —”

The teenager only stopped after much pulling and dragging on Feng Wu’s part .

β€œBrother Jun~” Feng Wu blocked his way .

The proud crown prince turned his head to the left .

β€œBrother Jun~”

The crown prince turned the other way, his face still expressionless .

β€œBrother Jun, I’m sorry . Please forgive me…”

Feng Wu put on an aggrieved look and pouted .

She was a beautiful girl to begin with . Her long, dense eyelashes were like two little fans and they were still wet with her tears . When she lowered her gaze, the glistening eyelashes reminded one of dewdrops at dawn, which could bring out all of the pity in a person .

Jun Linyuan had to fight the urge to wipe her tears away for her . He clenched his fists behind his back, maintained an arrogant expression, gritted his teeth, and stared at her coldly .

Feng Wu saw that he was still mad, so she swayed his arm back and forth and said in a pitiful voice, β€œIt was all my fault . I’m sorry . I really am…”

The fate of her broken star piece was still in his hands, as well as whether or not she could take that exam… She had to succumb to his power .

Jun Linyuan glared at her, then snorted . β€œYou’re sorry? About what?”

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