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Chapter 540
Chapter 540: Jun Linyuan Made a Breakthrough?

After that, Granny Gong left in a hurry, attentively closing the door behind her .

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Feng Wu was dumbfounded…

As the chief maid of this residence, Granny Gong enjoyed quite a superior status . Even someone like Mrs Yan would greet Granny Gong with respect . However, the granny was so nice to her…

As a matter of fact, a little too nice .

And what was that ten thousand-year-old purple ginseng about?

Feng Wu’s heart skipped a bit . Had Granny Gong noticed that she had just had a breakthrough and was worn out? Was that why she wanted to restore her health with that ten thousand-year-old purple ginseng?

Had her secret been exposed?!

At that thought, Feng Wu couldn’t sit still anymore .

Rising to her feet, she quickly changed into the clean clothes which Granny Gong had brought her, then walked out in a hurry .

“Where’s Granny Gong?”

Feng Wu walked out to find no one outside . In a pavilion a few steps away, Feng stood there ramrod straight with his hands behind his back .

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What was Feng doing there?

All of a sudden!

Feng Wu looked up at the sky!

There wasn’t a wisp of cloud in the sky when she looked, but one second later, black clouds gathered overhead and the light dimmed!

The next moment —

Rumble —

A bolt of lightning struck the pavilion Feng was standing in!

With all the flashing lightning and rumbling thunder, Feng Wu was only able to make out the teenager sitting in the pavilion after a while .

From behind, his straight, muscular back provided her with a sense of security .

And he was fatally seductive at the same time!

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A sudden clap of thunder exploded in the black clouds and a bolt of lightning struck like a sharp blade, aimed right at Jun Linyuan’s head!

It was such a frightening lightning tribulation!

And more lightning kept striking down . There was a second lightning bolt, a third, and a fourth…

They came down one after another without stopping!

Feng Wu covered her mouth in astonishment .

She had never seen such a terrifying lightning tribulation before!

If it were her sitting there, she’d be in pieces by now .

Would Jun Linyuan be able to handle it?

It was a lightning tribulation, after all!

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Just when Feng Wu was feeling concern for Jun Linyuan —

To Feng Wu’s surprise, Jun Linyuan stretched out his right arm with his palm facing upward .


The first bolt of lightning, the second, the third… Jun Linyuan caught all nine lightning bolts with his hand!

The lightning then turned into a ball, which emanated a terrifying energy!

However —

Jun Linyuan then squeezed .


The ball was crushed in his palm… It was pulverized…

Feng Wu’s eyes opened wide . She couldn’t believe that she had just witnessed a lightning tribulation .

She had experienced a lightning tribulation herself before . At her level, she had already been pushing her limit to get through it . She couldn’t imagine what Jun Linyuan’s tribulation had to feel like .

The first bolt of lightning burned everything within a one-kilometer radius of the pavilion to the ground . However, Jun Linyuan wasn’t affected at all .

Once the lightning tribulation was over, the dark clouds scattered and the sky had never looked so clear and blue .

Jun Linyuan had made a breakthrough .

Right now, even his back had an indecipherable feel to it . The attraction was breathtaking and it was almost impossible for one to take their eyes off him .

He was indeed the future ruler of the continent!

The next moment, he jumped out of the pavilion and turned around . His unblinking gaze shifted to Feng Wu .

His brooding eyes were so dark that no light seemed to be able to penetrate them…

Walking toward her out of the ashes, he reminded her of a god .

His robe flapped although there was no wind .

And he had a majestic air to him .

Finally, he stopped in front of her .

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