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Chapter 536

When Feng Wu’s warms hands made contact with Jun Linyuan’s skin, a shiver ran down his spine β€”

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The crown prince went as stiff as an iron bar!

This was the first time anyone had touched him like this!

Feng Wu’s smooth hands moved around as if she was playing a piano . They landed on Jun Linyuan’s shoulders and began to press down with gentle yet persistent pressure .

Jun Linyuan had no idea that getting a massage could be this… satisfying .

Especially that pair of soft hands, which moved in such a way that the amount of pressure they used was perfect . He felt as if electricity was running through his veins and he had never felt this content .

Jun Linyuan slowly closed his eyes and heaved a sigh of satisfaction .

Outside .

Feng and Granny Gong stood there facing each other .

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Granny Gong looked concerned .

Despite how calm Feng was, she couldn’t hold it in anymore . She had to ask . β€œIs everything really okay in there?”

Feng nodded . β€œDon’t worry . ”

β€œBut… His Royal Highness is a neat freak who never touches women . He threw out all the concubine maids that the empress arranged for him . His Royal Highness is still a virgin . Is he going to be alright?”

Feng rolled his eyes . β€œYou’re worrying too much . Seriously . ”

β€œNo, I’m not . ” Granny Gong was bewildered . β€œHis Royal Highness took Miss Wu into the hot spring himself . Isn’t that obvious enough? I think we both know what’s about to happen . ”

Feng rolled his eyes again . Granny Gong really gave their young master too much credit .

Just then, they heard Jun Linyuan’s voice from inside . β€œYou, move . ”

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Feng Wu said, β€œYou’re so hard . How am I supposed to move?”

β€œThat’s exactly why you should . ”

β€œJun Linyuan, you’re being completely unreasonable . ”

β€œWho says I need to be reasonable with you?”

β€œThis is so exhausting . I’m done moving . Do it yourself . Let go of me —”

β€œYou started it; you’re not going anywhere until it’s done!”

Feng’s mouth fell open and Granny Gong reacted the same way!

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They exchanged shocked looks!

Feng couldn’t believe his ears!

With how difficult and proud His Royal Highness was, how could he make such quick progress? This was unbelievable!

Granny Gong grinned after the initial shock . She rubbed her hands together cheerfully . β€œThis is great news! His Royal Highness is finally into girls! The empress dowager will burst into tears of joy if she hears about this!”

Jun Linyuan was the empress dowager’s favorite grandson .

To her, Jun Linyuan was better than the dozens of Emperor Wu’s other sons put together . She doted on the crown prince!

Granny Gong covered her mouth in excitement . β€œWith how amazing His Royal Highness is, do you think he’ll impregnate Miss Wu on the first go?”

Feng was speechless .

The more Granny Gong thought about it, the more elated she was . β€œIf that happens, we’ll have a little royal highness next year . Oh god, we’re going to have a little prodigy in the empire again! Although, Miss Wu is just 14; isn’t that a bit too young…”

Feng was speechless .

In the hot spring .

Feng Wu had no idea how the two outside had misinterpreted the situation . Right now, all she knew was that her hands were exhausted .

Jun Linyuan’s muscles were so tense, especially those on his back . They were hard to loosen up and Feng Wu had to knead very hard in order for her massage to take effect .

β€œJun Linyuan —”

Feng Wu smacked his back repeatedly . β€œWhy are you so tense? Don’t tell me that —”

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