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Chapter 535

Jun Linyuan glanced at Feng Wu, then beckoned her over the way one would summon a pet . “Come here —”

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In the enshrouding mist, his well-toned muscles reminded one of a fine marble sculpture . He was half-submerged in the hot spring, and only his exquisite clavicle and long neck was exposed .

The teenager spread his arms and rested them on the edge of the pool . His brooding eyes looked like bottomless pits and there seemed to be an intrigued look in them .

One had to admit that he had a very nice body that was fatally seductive .

However —

Feng Wu only snorted .  My beautiful master would look even nicer without his clothes on!

“Get over here —” Jun Linyuan waved at her like a big boss .

Feng Wu wanted to refuse, but then she thought about that broken star piece… She had no choice but to bite her lower lip and slowly walk toward him .

“What?” Feng Wu looked down at Jun Linyuan .

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The crown prince glanced at her arrogantly . “What do you think?”

Feng Wu took a deep breath .

“You don’t look very happy,” Jun Linyuan said in a careless tone .

This was all for the broken star piece…

Feng Wu took another deep breath and squeezed out a smile . “Of course I’m happy . It’s my greatest honor to serve Your Royal Highness . ”

That pleased the crown prince and he let out an arrogant grunt .

Let’s just get it over with and get me registered! She had to prepare for the exam and so much more…

At that thought, Feng Wu crouched down, scooped up some water, and poured it down Jun Linyuan’s muscular back .

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Feng Wu was going to lather Jun Linyuan’s back when —

“What —”

Feng Wu cried out in surprise .

Jun Linyuan’s fair back was covered in scars, some from whipping and others from blades… They crisscrossed all over his back, which made Feng Wu’s mouth fall open!

To her, Jun Linyuan had always been this golden boy that was the most superior figure in the empire . He was revered, well-loved, and the most bossy teenager she had ever met!

But where had he gotten all these wounds?

As a medicine refiner, Feng Wu could tell with one look that these were old scars that were probably left over from when Jun Linyuan had still been a child .

What kind of childhood did he have?

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“Do you know how to do it properly?”

Just when Feng Wu was feeling that Jun Linyuan was a little pitiful, the crown prince’s arrogant voice rang out . “Don’t just sit around . Start scrubbing!”

Feng Wu was speechless .

That tiny bit of tender feeling vanished as quickly as it had appeared .

Not only was this overbearing teenager so unreasonable, he had also bullied her, exploited her, and humiliated her!

Why should she feel pity for him?

Did she suddenly get Stockholm syndrome or something?!

Feng Wu flared up, but her beautiful master then came to mind… Calm down, calm down now . Her beautiful master would wake up and he would kick all those stupid asses for her . By then, Jun Linyuan… Hmph!

She felt much better once she thought that . She then smiled at Jun Linyuan . “Your Royal Highness, do you want a massage?”

Well, he should be pleased now .

Jun Linyuan snorted . “Whatever . ”

He then added, “I have no expectations of you . ”

Feng Wu didn’t know what to say . This guy just couldn’t let a day pass without pissing her off!

I’ll show you what I can do!

Feng Wu decided to impress him .

Tossing the bath towel away, she began to add pressure to the acupoints on his shoulders .

And she was an expert in that .

As an excellent medicine refiner, Feng Wu wasn’t boasting when she said that no one on this continent could find acupoints as accurately as she could .

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