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Chapter 537: 537

Feng Wu smacked his taut shoulders . “Why are you so tense? Don’t tell me that… you’re nervous?”

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“Nervous?!” The crown prince jumped to his feet and water splashed all over Feng Wu’s face .

“I’m nervous? Hah!” Jun Linyuan turned around and stared at Feng Wu . “Who on earth do you think you are? Some goddess from heaven? Why should I get nervous from your touch? Feng Wu, don’t flatter yourself!”

Feng Wu looked at him in bewilderment . “… I only wondered if Your Royal Highness might be nervous because you think I might damage your energy channels… Why are you so jumpy?”

Jun Linyuan didn’t say anything .

How embarrassing…

His earlobes turned pink and he glared at Feng Wu . “Get back to work! You talk too much!”

“Alright…” The poor girl went back to giving His Royal Highness a massage .

Fortunately, with her rhythmic kneading, the muscles on Jun Linyuan’s back gradually relaxed . But it was such an exhausting process .

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Whenever Feng Wu wanted to stop, the crown prince would snort through his nose .

Which gave rise to the conversation that Granny Gong and Feng had heard just then .

Fifteen minutes passed…

Then an hour…

Two hours…

Feng Wu thought that her hands were going to cramp up .

She was massaging Jun Linyuan, an incredible cultivator, which was a completely different story from working on an ordinary person .

To make the massage enjoyable for Jun Linyuan, Feng Wu needed much more control over the pressure her hands exerted . Much, much more…

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It challenged Feng Wu’s massage technique greatly .

After four hours, Feng Wu couldn’t take it anymore . She sat down on the ground in exhaustion and wiped her sweaty forehead with a towel .

Jun Linyuan had closed his eyes and his long eyelashes made two crescent shadows under them .

His well-defined features reminded her of a masterly built sculpture, whose beauty was breathtaking .

Seeing this, Feng Wu let out a breath of relief . Finally, she was free to go .

She quietly rose to her feet and turned to leave on tiptoe .

But —

She was only able to make it a few steps .

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“How dare you leave now?!”

A hand came out of nowhere . It grabbed Feng Wu’s slim ankle and pulled!

Crash —

Feng Wu lost her balance and fell backward at the yank!


Feng Wu fell backward into the hot spring, splashing water everywhere .

She was submerged before she knew it!

She kicked the bottom of the pool instinctively and began to paddle upward to the surface .

Flustered, Feng Wu paid no attention to where her foot landed and she didn’t realize what she had stepped on!

Jun Linyuan’s face turned livid at that kick and he drew in his breath!

He glared at Feng Wu!

No matter how excellent a cultivator he was, he was as sensitive down there as every other man . Was this girl trying to make him impotent or something?

Feng Wu had no idea what she had done . She quickly reached the edge of the pool and jumped out of the water in the next second .

Turning around, she glared at Jun Linyuan . “What’s wrong with you? Can’t you use your words? Why is everything so physical with you? Can’t you try to talk to me before moving into action? Why did you have to drag me in? I would have drowned if I didn’t know how to swim —”

Feng Wu was still lashing out when she realized… Jun Linyuan’s face was very dark .

It was more than dark . He looked like he wanted to kill someone!

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