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Chapter 529

Jun Linyuan himself was a student of Imperial College, but he was giving commands to his principal now?

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Mr Lu was a little displeased .

Chang San nodded . “That was His Royal Highness’s instruction, word for word . His Royal Highness also said that he’ll owe you one . ”

Jun Linyuan said that? Well, that was…

“What if I insist on doing as I please?” Mr Lu stroked his beard and said casually .

Chang San chuckled . “No one has ever said no to His Royal Highness . ” That was, apart from that fierce, untamed Miss Feng Wu, Chang San added in his head .

“So, if I don’t do as told, His Royal Highness is going to cause me to lose my job?” Mr Lu took a deep breath and there was anger in his eyes .

Chang San smiled . “Mr Lu, you’re overthinking it . That’s all I have to say . Goodbye . ”

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Feng Wu and Chaoge were right in the study and the room wasn’t exactly soundproof . Hence, they heard everything Chang San and Mr Lu said .

Chaoge flared up!

As impulsive as she always was, she rushed out from behind the curtain and yelled at Chang San . “Who the hell are you?! What do you mean by turning Feng Wu away? Why can’t we apply for Imperial College? Why do you care? How can you do such nasty deeds behind our back?! You people are despicable and nosy and evil!”

Chang San stared at Chaoge in disbelief .

The girl had just yelled at him?

And he wasn’t the only one she had lashed out at . Even His Royal Highness had been insulted?

Someone in this world was actually bold enough to curse the crown prince?

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Chang San was too astonished to react .

Chaoge, on the other hand, didn’t realize how shocking her words were . She shoved Chang San hard and the latter stumbled backward .

Chang San looked at Chaoge in disbelief .

Resting her hands on her waist, Chaoge snapped, “Stop gawking! We heard everything you said! Every word of it! Hmph!”

Chang San looked behind Chaoge and spotted Feng Wu, who had an indecipherable look on her face .

Chang San was at a loss over what to say .

No, no, no… Miss Feng Wu was here? What…

The muscles in Chang San’s cheeks twitched, his mouth fell open, and his mind went blank…

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This fifth daughter of the Feng clan hadn’t intimidated him at the beginning, for even Feng Yanfeng had to address him as “General Chang . ” However, after Feng’s reminder the other day…

He would rather offend His Royal Highness than piss Miss Feng Wu off… She was untouchable!

Chang San put on a bitter face and didn’t know what to do .

Feng Wu kept her gaze on him as she went up to him . She then smiled casually . “Your master said himself that if I came to Mr Lu for help, I should be turned away?”

Feng Wu’s voice was as light as a feather and very calm . However, if one looked closely enough, they would recognize the look in her eyes as the momentary peace before a storm .

Chang San was flustered!

He didn’t know how to answer that question, so —

In a whoosh, Chang San jumped out the window and was soon out of sight .

Feng Wu was speechless .

So was Chaoge .

And Mr Lu .

Mr Lu turned to Feng Wu and said in a stern voice, “Xiao Wu, it’s not that I won’t help you, but you heard it yourself . His Royal Highness won’t leave you alone . ”

Feng Wu gritted her teeth and flames seemed to shoot out of her eyes as she clenched her fists .

Mr Lu smiled bitterly . “Since His Royal Highness has decided to step in, even if I write that letter for you, His Royal Highness will find some other way to interfere . He can still make it impossible for you . ”

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