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Published at 4th of April 2020 02:15:20 PM
Chapter 528

Old Man Ba?

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Mr Lu shot up from his chair and grabbed Feng Wu by her wrist . “Old Man Ba? Which Old Man Ba?”

Feng Wu looked at him innocently . “You haven’t heard of Old Man Ba? But the guy said that he was pretty well-known in the imperial capital . Was he just bragging, then?”

“You mean Ba Yi?” Mr Lu cried out in surprise .

“I have no idea . Old Man Ba never told us his real name; he was only Master Ba, Doctor Ba, or Miracle Ba to us…”

Mr Lu was exasperated and reached out with a hand . “Give me that letter!”

Feng Wu glanced at him unhurriedly .  I thought you didn’t want to read it no matter what .

Mr Lu couldn’t wait any longer and snatched the letter from Feng Wu .

He saw the words on the envelope .

“For Lu the Third’s eyes only . ”

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Yes! That was the man’s handwriting!

Mr Lu tore the envelope open in a hurry .

In it was a thick stack of papers — not the money he had assumed it was .

It took Mr Lu as long as 15 minutes to finish reading the long letter .

Afterwards, Mr Lu sat dazed in his chair and was lost in thought .

Chaoge stared at Mr Lu in bewilderment, then poked Feng Wu with a finger .

“Xiao Wu… What’s going on with Mr Lu?”

He looked so sad .

Stirred by Chaoge’s voice, Mr Lu looked at Feng Wu and felt as if he had woken up in another world .

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“Little Feng Wu, did you say that you were going to apply for the martial arts department?”

“Yes . ” Feng Wu nodded .

Mr Lu narrowed his eyes and looked conflicted .

“You do realize that insisting on getting into the martial arts department isn’t going to do you any good?” Mr Lu said earnestly .

Feng Wu smiled and said proudly, “I know what I’m doing . ”

Mr Lu nodded . Despite her young age, she gave Mr Lu the feeling that he was talking to an adult . What was more, she was more level-headed than a lot of adults he knew .

The majority of that long letter talked about how amazing Feng Wu was .

She was smart, hardworking, talented, and so on… Mr Lu almost frowned . Wasn’t that a bit too exaggerated?

“If that’s the case… well —”

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Mr Lu was going to grant Feng Wu her wish .

Chaoge almost jumped to her feet in excitement when all of a sudden —

That young servant came in hastily and whispered something in Mr Lu’s ear .

Mr Lu looked confused, but rose to his feet anyway .

He then turned to Feng Wu and Chaoge . “Xiao Wu, how about you take your friend inside and find a book to read?”

Feng Wu realized that he was receiving a distinguished guest .

“No problem . ”

As soon as Feng Wu and Chaoge went into the study, footsteps came from outside .

“Mr Lu —”

Feng Wu found that voice rather familiar . She had heard it somewhere before .

Mr Lu greeted the man with a nod . “General Chang, to what do I owe this pleasure?”

General Chang?

As in Chang San, who worked for Jun Linyuan?

Chang San smiled . “Mr Lu, you flatter me . I’m here to bring a message from His Royal Highness . ”

“Of course . ”

Chang San smiled . “His Royal Highness said that if a Miss Feng Wu comes here to ask for your help, please turn her down . ”

Mr Lu’s pupils contracted and he stared at Chang San .

As the principal of Imperial College, Mr Lu was only below the emperor in status, and he was roughly on the same level as the crown prince…

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