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Chapter 530

Chaoge was exasperated . β€œBut why? He’s the crown prince, but you’re the principal of Imperial College! How can he order you around? Didn’t some former principal punish a crown prince once, and no harm came to him afterward?”

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Mr Lu smiled bitterly . β€œThat’s right . I enjoy the same status as His Royal Highness, but times have changed . This is Jun Linyuan’s time… Please listen to me . The two of you, especially Xiao Wu, should pack your things and leave the imperial capital…”

Kiddo, it’s so obvious that the crown prince doesn’t like you .

Feng Wu took a deep breath and looked at Mr Lu . β€œSo, I can take the exam if Jun Linyuan says yes?”

β€œOf course,” said Mr Lu . β€œEverything will be fine if you can persuade His Royal Highness . ”

But His Royal Highness dislikes you so much that he sent someone with that reminder… How are you going to change his mind? That’s just not going to happen .

Mr Lu gave Feng Wu a sympathetic look, then heaved a sigh .

Feng Wu promptly left the office, so fast that she looked like a gust of wind .

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She was furious!

Chaoge wanted to follow Feng Wu, but the latter stopped her . β€œGo to General Secretary Fang and start working on the written exam . After all, we only have seven days . Time is of the essence here . ”

Mr Lu didn’t know what to say .

Grand Secretary Fang and Priest Wu, who had come back in, were also speechless .

Chaoge said with a long face, β€œXiao Wu, we can’t even register for the exam; what’s the point preparing for it? It’s a waste of our energy . ”

β€œSays who? I’m going to take the exam and no one is going to stop me!”

Feng Wu flared up!

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He was the one who had given her the task and he was the one standing in her way now . Β Jun Linyuan, damn you!

In the crown prince’s residence outside the royal palace .


The crown prince sneezed . He rubbed his nose β€” was someone talking about him?

β€œWhat time is it now?” The crown prince was reclining on a soft couch and casually feeding the fish in the pond .

β€œIt’s a quarter to seven,” replied Feng immediately .

Rubbing his nose, Jun Linyuan looked up at the birds soaring in the blue sky and he gloated .

That girl wouldn’t be able to run any faster after what he did to her . Β Let’s see how fast you’ll run to me this time,Β the crown prince thought proudly .

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Just then β€”

β€œWhoosh —”

Chang San rushed in like a gust of wind and dropped to his knees in front of Jun Linyuan . With a long face, he said, β€œYour Royal Highness…”

Jun Linyuan frowned . β€œYes?”

β€œYour Royal Highness, I’m guilty of a crime which even my death cannot atone for . ”

β€œSpeak . ” Jun Linyuan was displeased by the interruption .

β€œYour Royal Highness, I delivered the message to Mr Lu of Imperial College as you instructed . But I didn’t know that Miss Wu was in the study at the moment, and she heard everything . Your Royal Highness, I’m guilty!”

Chang San was almost frightened to death!

According to Feng, His Royal Highness was in love with Miss Wu, and Miss Wu wasn’t to know about that message at all . But he… He was so dead…

Chang San felt a chilly sensation on his neck, as if he was going to lose his head at any moment .

However, the crown prince only looked down at him with his cold, brooding eyes . β€œWhat are you guilty of?”

β€œHuh?” Chang San was dumbfounded . Didn’t His Royal Highness like Miss Wu?

Jun Linyuan smirked . β€œDon’t tell me you think I like that stupid girl?”

β€œWhat?” Chang San was even more baffled . Didn’t His Royal Highness like her?

Exasperated, Jun Linyuan smacked the table .

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