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Chapter 527: 527

Everyone fell silent after Guan Jing said those words .

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They burst into laughter right after that!

“Hahaha —”

“Hahahaha —”

“Hahahahaha —”

Many of them laughed so hard that they were in tears and trembled all over . Some even lay flat on their stomachs and thumped the ground with their fists .

“Hahahaha — Feng Wu so had that coming!”

“Mr Lu was so right . He said no, and no it is . That girl should just shut up . ”

“Registration has long closed . Did Feng Wu think that the school would bend the rules just for her?”

“She really thinks too highly of herself . Who the hell does she think she is?”

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Many of the girls had a biased opinion of Feng Wu to begin with and weren’t able to judge objectively . They couldn’t be happier to hear about Feng Wu’s predicament and used all the sarcastic and contemptuous words they could think of .

Meanwhile, in the principal’s office .

Grand Secretary Fang and Priest Wu exchanged looks after Mr Lu’s announcement, and both saw resignation in each other’s eyes .

After all, Mr Lu was the one who called the shots here in Imperial College .

Hence, they lost all hope .

“Xiao Wu —”

Priest Wu wanted to show Feng Wu out .

However, Feng Wu kept her gaze on Mr Lu the whole time and looked completely undisturbed .

The girl had the bearing of a great general… Mr Lu, who was always looking for new talent, felt even more sorry for Feng Wu now and couldn’t bring himself to look at her .

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Grand Secretary Fang and Priest Wu finally realized what kind of girl Feng Wu really was .

She was the most stubborn girl they had ever met .

When she set her mind on something, she wouldn’t let her decision be affected by anyone .


The two old men shook their heads and left the room .

“Kiddo, even if you go down on your knees and plead with your tears, you won’t be able to change my mind . This is my final verdict . ” Mr Lu gave a disclaimer first to exclude any possibilities .

Feng Wu smiled . “I’m not going to kneel, but I do have a letter for you . ”

Mr Lu frowned at Feng Wu .

Meanwhile, Feng Wu took a thick envelope out of her chest pocket and put it on the table .

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That was way too thick for an ordinary letter .

The frown on Mr Lu’s face grew bigger .

Judging by how certain the girl looked, could she have stuffed the envelope with money?

The look Mr Lu gave Feng Wu was even more stern now .

A person could be without cultivation ability, but he wouldn’t stand for such despicable behavior!

At that thought, Mr Lu didn’t even look at the envelope, but only stared at Feng Wu . “Take it back . ”

He really didn’t like this girl now .

Feng Wu looked at Mr Lu in bewilderment .

According to Old Man Ba, he and Mr Lu had gone through hell together and were best buddies . But from the way Mr Lu reacted to the letter, he didn’t seem to know Old Man Ba at all .

“You really don’t want to have a look?”

“No!” Mr Lu refused her outright!

Feng Wu frowned . “But…”

“Not buts!” Mr Lu’s face was livid . “Get out! Now!”

He had determined that Feng Wu was here to bribe him and he was furious .

That explained her behavior!

She had asked those two guys to leave first so that she could stay behind and bribe him!

Feng Wu, I’m so disappointed at what you’ve become!

“Get out! Get out of my sight!” Mr Lu said sternly .

Feng Wu sighed and said in a sorry tone, “So much for being Old Man Ba’s best buddy . He told me that when you two were in Inferno City, he shielded you from a sword with his own body and he barely survived that wound…”

“Old Man Ba?” Mr Lu asked .

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