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Chapter 526: 526
Chapter 526: Hahahaha —

For those two reasons, Mr Lu turned Feng Wu down before she had a chance to speak .

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Grand Secretary Fang and Priest Wu were shocked!

How could that be?

“Mr Lu…”

“Mr Lu…”

Both old men cried out in unison .

Would Mr Lu ignore their request outright?

Mr Lu was very straightforward . “She isn’t an ideal choice for the martial arts department, nor for Imperial College . Therefore, no . ”

Once Mr Lu put it that way, there was nothing more Grand Secretary Fang and Priest Wu could say .

They turned to Feng Wu and sighed . “Xiao Wu, it’s out of our hands now . You…”

Feng Wu shook her head adamantly .

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“Mr Fang, Mr Wu, may I have a minute alone with Mr Lu?”

Mr Lu smirked . “Feng Wu! I don’t care what you’re going to say . I said no, and no it is! Moreover, registration has closed, and at least for this year, you’ve lost your chance!”

He practically shouted those words .

He hoped that he could make Feng Wu see some sense that way .

However, what he didn’t know was —

Because of the earlier incident, many were eager to know what was going on with Feng Wu, so much so that quite a few students were lingering outside the principal’s office .

Among those students were Guan Jing and Rong Shixin .

Guan Jing grinned when she heard the principal’s words!

She dashed off toward the Year 1 cultivation room .

“I’ve got news! Big news!”

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Her voice reached the room before she did .

“What is it?”

“Guan Jing, didn’t you follow Feng Wu out to see how defeated she would be when she left?”Read more chapter on our vipnovel . com

“Has she gone already? Did she really get into the principal’s office?”

Everyone was curious .

Feng Sang was in the crowd and she looked at Guan Jing with unblinking eyes .

Guan Jing went up to Feng Sang, and only when all eyes were on her did she say in a gloating voice, “I think everyone knows what Feng Wu did just then . ”


“I followed Feng Wu out just then and saw her go all the way to the principal’s office . ”

“Wow! She really went there? How?”

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“Then what? Did she register?”

Guan Jing shushed the others with a hand gesture .

A hush fell over the crowd .

It turned out that Guan Jing was unable to hold back her laughter . She laughed and laughed until she trembled all over and tears streaked her cheeks .

Everyone was bewildered .

What on earth happened? Why was Guan Jing laughing so hard?

“Tell us!”

“That’s right . Stop laughing!”

“Tell us now! You’re killing me here!”

Guan Jing finally managed to stop laughing, and in a trembling voice, she said, “Feng Wu did indeed see Mr Lu, and Mr Lu talked to her . ”


Everyone was jealous and excited!

Mr Lu was such a superior figure that one couldn’t just see him as they pleased .

But Feng Wu had been granted an audience?

They would be lying if they didn’t admit that they were jealous .

Guan Jing went on . “Feng Wu did indeed see Mr Lu . Why am I so certain? Because I heard Mr Lu talk to her .

“Mr Lu said, ‘Feng Wu! I don’t care what you’re going to say . I said no, and no it is! Moreover, registration has closed, and at least for this year, you’ve lost your chance!’”

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