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Published at 2nd of April 2020 02:25:07 PM
Chapter 520: 520

However, enough people could still remember .

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“Feng Wu? As in that prodigy Feng Wu? Isn’t she dead?”

“No, I heard that she’s still alive, but her clan banished her to their hometown . ”

“Is she the one whose engagement to His Royal Highness was canceled?”

“So, that’s who she is…”

All eyes were on Feng Wu and everyone was talking .

Feng Sang looked very pleased!

She knew it . As soon as she revealed Feng Wu’s history, everyone would laugh at her!

No one would take Feng Wu’s side anymore!

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Feng Sang pointed her sword at Feng Wu . “Feng Wu, kneel and apologize to me now, or I’ll kill you this instant!”

Crossing her hands behind her back, Feng Wu looked at Feng Sang with her calm, bright eyes .

The look she gave Feng Sang made the latter feel like a pathetic clown .

Feng Sang knew perfectly well what that contemptuous look meant .

Which was why she was so pissed .

“Fine! Fine! Suit yourself! Feng Wu, you had it coming . Don’t blame me!” With those words, Feng Sang came at Feng Wu with the sword!

However, at that moment!

Rong Shixin caught Feng Sang by her wrist!

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Si Yuan blocked her way and fixed his cold gaze on her!

Most of the other guys glared at Feng Sang as well!

Feng Sang was utterly baffled…

Hadn’t she told them about Feng Wu’s past? Shouldn’t these people be sneering at Feng Wu now? What was going on here?

Rong Shixin was displeased!

“Feng Sang, I finally see what kind of person you really are!” Rong Shixin ground his teeth . “Your sister lost her cultivation ability, which was so unfortunate for her . Not only didn’t you show any sympathy or look out for her, you revealed the saddest thing that happened to her in front of so many people, putting her wound out there for all to see! You’re despicable!”

Feng Sang was speechless . What?

Si Yuan stared at Feng Sang as well . “Feng Sang, I’d always attributed your aloof behavior to the fact that you’re above worldly considerations and that you’re as pure and elegant as a white lotus . There was a time that I actually admired you . I never thought that you could be this cruel and evil! I guess I judged poorly . Taking a fancy to you was the worst decision I ever made!”

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Feng Sang almost had a stroke!

Si Yuan was the most talented and capable student of all the first-years . Even Mr Lu had received Si Yuan himself… So many girls were infatuated with Si Yuan, and even Feng Sang had a secret crush on him…

However, Si Yuan had just said those words to her… Feng Sang thought she was going to explode!

She pointed the sword at Feng Wu . “You! You! I’m gonna kill you! I will!”

Si Yuan waved his hand and Feng Sang stumbled back, then fell to the ground .

Si Yuan then turned to Feng Wu and cupped his fists . “Miss Feng Wu, nice to meet you . My name is Si Yuan . Please remember that name . ”

He gave Feng Wu a nod, then left .

Feng Wu was baffled .  Hello? Why should I remember your name? What’s wrong with that guy?

Rong Shixin was much more enthusiastic . “So, you’re Feng Wu . Hello, I’m Rong Shixin, you can call me Xiao Xin . Can I call you Xiao Wu?”

That naturally sociable manner reminded Feng Wu of Feng Xun .

She shook her head and said indifferently, “I don’t think so . ”

The others burst out laughing .

Rong Shixin rubbed his nose .

He was from a good family . His father was a lord and a third-ranked official, which made him a respected member of the younger generation .

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