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Published at 2nd of April 2020 02:25:12 PM
Chapter 519

Just then, someone else interjected .

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“Why, isn’t that Feng Sang? Did someone hit her?”

“OMG! That girl is stunning! Who is she? Feng Sang, who’s the girl?”

“Yes, tell us! Who is she?!”

That was what the female students were thinking when they spotted Feng Wu, who made them feel jealous despite themselves .

Whereas the guys had different thoughts .

“I can’t believe a girl can be this beautiful! Is she one of our students? She can’t be, otherwise I would have spotted her a long time ago!”

“She looks amazing… She’s exactly what my dream girl looks like! Feng Sang seems to know her . ”

“That’s it! She’s the one! Everyone fall back!”

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People kept gathering around them, making for a boisterous scene .

All eyes were on Feng Wu, with some gazes envious, some begrudging, some amazed, and some fascinated…

After being slapped by Feng Wu, and now surrounded by all these onlookers, the sensitive Feng Sang almost passed out with fury!

“Feng Wu! I’m gonna kill you!”

With that, she drew a soft sword from around her waist!


Once she injected her spiritual essence into the weapon, the blade straightened and turned as hard as a cast iron sword!

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While everyone was still watching, Feng Sang charged at Feng Wu, directing the sword at the point between Feng Wu’s eyebrows!

Chaoge flared up!

However, Feng Wu only stood there with a taunting smile on her face .

She was already a Level 3 Spiritual Grandmaster; did Feng Sang actually think she could beat Feng Wu? How silly!

Almost all the onlookers here were freshmen, and Feng Wu could beat any one of them without breaking a sweat!

The sword had almost reached Feng Wu when Chaoge ran out and shielded Feng Wu with her own body .

“Feng Sang, what are you doing?”

“Feng Sang, put the sword down!”

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“Have you forgotten the school rule? No fighting is allowed in Imperial College unless it’s in the battle arena!”

All the guys were displeased to see Feng Sang frenziedly attack Feng Wu with a sword!

They immediately rushed out, shielding Feng Wu behind them and reprimanding Feng Sang harshly!

It would have been fine if it was only one of them, but there were so many…

Feng Sang was almost in tears!

A lot of these boys had courted Feng Sang before, but now, they were all on Feng Wu’s side… just because Feng Wu was prettier than she was . Feng Sang was so angry!

“Get out of my way!” Feng Sang yelled .

Forgetting herself like this wasn’t Feng Sang’s usual style at all . However, after what Chaoge said and having been slapped by Feng Wu, Feng Sang completely lost control when she saw how the guys treated Feng Wu differently .

“Feng Sang! What are you doing?” Rong Shixin glared at Feng Sang . “Why can’t you be civil and talk it over? What’s with the sword? This is unacceptable!”

Si Yuan was the president of the student union for the first-years, and he was in charge of all his peers .

Right now, he was glowering at Feng Sang as well . “You’re way out of line! She’s younger and less advanced in cultivation than you, but that doesn’t give you the right to bully her like this! Drop the sword now!”

All the other guys threw dirty looks at Feng Sang as well .

Feng Sang almost passed out from fury!

Eyes bloodshot red, she yelled, “You people know nothing! Get out of my way! Do you have any idea who she is? She’s Feng Wu!”

Feng Wu? Who was that?

After all, it had been five years, and not everyone had that long a memory .

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