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Chapter 521: 521

After he got into Imperial College, he had become even more popular .

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However, Feng Wu had just turned him down outright .

But Rong Shixin believed that Feng Wu was only playing hard-to-get .

Girls like her were so much fun to court, weren’t they?

Feng Wu frowned at the hubbub . She took Chaoge’s hand, then turned to leave .

“Xiao Wu —”

Rong Shixin ran after her .

Feng Wu cast a stern look at him!

“Erk…” Rong Shixin felt as if he had been stabbed in the heart . He got the creeps and he stumbled back involuntarily .

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That was strange…

Hadn’t Feng Wu lost all her cultivation ability? Why was she so scary?

“Feng Wu! What are you doing here in Imperial College? Are you here to hit on guys?!”

Feng Sang’s voice rang out behind them .

Guan Jing chuckled . “Is she here to tour the school? She won’t be able to enroll anyway, so why not use the open day to enjoy the view?”

Many of the girls snickered at those words .

They looked at Feng Wu in such a condescending manner .

So what if she had once been a genius? She was completely useless now . She wasn’t even qualified to take the exam, let alone become a student of Imperial College .

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“If I recall correctly, our school is recruiting new students in a few days, right?”

“That’s right . You have to be a Level 9 Spiritual Master at least to take the exam . Too bad that some people don’t even meet that . All they can do is lure guys in with that pretty face . ”

“Hahaha — now I know why Feng Wu is here . ”

“Why is that?”

“Because — since she can’t get into Imperial College herself, she has to depend on that pretty face . She’s going to find a rich husband here, isn’t she?”

“Hahahaha —” Many girls laughed upon hearing those words .

Feng Wu was so beautiful that the guys couldn’t help but take her side . As a result, many girls turned Feng Wu into their imaginary enemy .

“Rong Shixin, you’re just one of the potential moneybags she’s digging into, hahaha —”

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“Rong Shixin, wake up . She’s casting her net all over the place . ”

“Rong Shixin… are you seriously going to take a useless girl back home? That’s just humiliating!”

Rong Shixin’s face turned livid!

Exasperated, Chaoge rested her hands on her waist as tears welled up in her eyes . “Shut up! Xiao Wu can’t get into Imperial College? Says who? We’re here today to register!”

Wow —

A hush fell over the crowd at those words…

Everyone gave Chaoge strange looks .

Feng Sang rubbed her ears . “What did you say?”

Sticking out her chest, Chaoge said righteously, “I said Xiao Wu is here to register for Imperial College’s entrance exam! And she’s not the only one! I’m going to take the exam as well!”

“Pfft —”

“Hahahaha —”

“Oh god, that’s hilarious . My tummy aches, help —”

“Hahahaha, I’m cracking up here . That has to be the funniest thing I’ve ever heard —”

Many girls laughed until their stomachs ached .

Oh god…

A useless girl without so much as a streak of spiritual essence was going to take the exam?

As for that silly girl Chaoge, she was a Level 7 at best . How dare she talk about taking the exam as well? That was preposterous!

Rong Shixin also looked at Chaoge strangely . “You…”

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