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Chapter 518: 518

As Feng Wu and Chaoge walked into Imperial College, the effect of that dense spiritual essence grew more obvious!

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“I could totally sit down right now and make a breakthrough,” Chaoge said in excitement .

So… they had to get into this Imperial College .

It would do wonders for their cultivation!

“What —”

Just then, a cold voice rang out . “Feng Wu, what are you doing here in Imperial College?!”

It was an angry, hostile voice .

Turning around, Feng Wu saw Feng Sang, who was glaring at her with a grim face .

Feng Sang?

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Of course Feng Wu recognized her cousin right away .

Feng Sang had two friends with her and both eyed Feng Wu curiously .

Feng Wu turned around, and the look in Feng Sang’s eyes grew more ferocious . “Imperial College isn’t a place you can just enter casually . I don’t have time for this . Get out! Now!”

She sounded extremely impatient and malicious .

Feng Wu almost rolled her eyes .

The two girls with Feng Sang asked her in a whisper, “Who’s she? Is there bad blood between the both of you?”

One of them said, “Sangsang, you’re never this irritable . Who is she? What has she done?”

The two girls were Guan Jing and Tao Yue .

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Feng Sang said in a cold, contemptuous voice, “Who else? My incredible fifth sister, of course!”

Fifth sister? As in Feng Wu?

Both Guan Jing and Tao Yue were from the imperial capital and knew all about the girl prodigy in Feng Sang’s family .

“I see —”

Guan Jing looked enlightened . “So that’s her! That cripple, Feng Wu!”

Tao Yue gloated, “Didn’t His Royal Highness cancel his engagement to her?”

Feng Sang’s face was livid and she glowered at Feng Wu . “You’re a shame to our family! How dare you show up here? Get the hell out!”

Feng Wu had yet to reply, but Chaoge wouldn’t have it!

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To Chaoge, Feng Wu was the cleverest and the most incredible person in the world! Even Jun Linyuan couldn’t match her in talent!


Resting her hands on her waist, Chaoge glared at Feng Sang . “Who the hell are you? Don’t flatter yourself! We’re not here for you! Not everything in this world is about you!”

Feng Sang had always been a proud person and she was furious at that comment!

“And who might you be?!” Feng Sang snapped .

“I’m Duan Chaoge . Remember that name!” Chaoge jabbed Feng Sang’s shoulder with a finger . “Disrespect Xiao Wu like that again and I’ll kill you!”

“Wow — I’m so scared!”

Infuriated, Feng Sang rolled her eyes .

“So, it’s you, Duan Chaoge!” Feng Sang snorted . “Weren’t you the one who followed Feng Wu around all the time? You’re an idiot! I see why you were with her when she was a genius, but she’s useless now . You have to be an imbecile to stick with her!”


Feng Wu smacked Feng Sang hard . “Shut your mouth!”

Feng Sang: !!!

Pressing a palm to her swollen left cheek, Feng Sang said in disbelief, “You hit me! Feng Wu, how dare you hit me?!!!”

How dare a good-for-nothing hit her?!

However, when Feng Sang met Feng Wu’s gaze and saw eyes as black as an abyss, somehow, a chill ran down Feng Sang’s spine…

Because this was taking place on a main road, it soon caught the attention of a lot of passersby .

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