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Chapter 517

Jun Linyuan frowned .

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Xuan Yi said, “Those two elderly men like Xiao Wu so much that they’ve gone to Imperial College, saying that they were going to talk to Mr Lu, the head . ”

Xuan Yi then darted a look at Jun Linyuan .

The crown prince didn’t reply .

Xuan Yi then said in a casual tone, “Mr Lu isn’t someone who is easily persuaded . So, I don’t think Xiao Wu can make it this time…”

Staring at Xuan Yi, Jun Linyuan said with a darkened face, “Xiao Wu? Are you that familiar with her?”

He then rose to his feet .

Xuan Yi was speechless . Was he seriously going to get angry over such a petty matter?

Xuan Yi stood up in a hurry . “No, I’m not familiar with her at all . I only call her that because Feng Xun does . Hahaha —”

Poor Feng Xun . That came out of nowhere .

Jun Linyuan snorted .

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Xuan Yi went on, “I don’t think Mr Lu will agree . So, Xiao… I mean, Feng Wu won’t be able to take the exam this year, I think . ”

Crossing his hands behind his back, Jun Linyuan stared at Xuan Yi in a haughty manner . “Do you have nothing better to do? Why are you talking about her all the time? I don’t want to listen to it anymore!”

Xuan Yi took a deep breath .

His Royal Highness was really…

He then glanced at Feng, who returned his glance with a look of resignation .

Xuan Yi’s mouth fell open .

After Xuan Yi left in resignation, Jun Linyuan remained by the pond .

Watching the koi fish swim about in the pond, Jun Linyuan opened his right palm and his fair, slender fingers glistened in the sunlight .

For the first time in his life, Feng didn’t react in time… He looked at the crown prince in bewilderment as his racked his brain .

Jun Linyuan frowned .

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Only then did Feng realize what his master wanted . He then handed the latter a bag of fish food .

Meanwhile, he was having a hard time believing it .

After all these years after the pond was built, this was the first time the crown prince had bothered to feed the fish .

Jun Linyuan smiled as he sprinkled the fish food in the water . He then said something to Feng .

The corner of Feng’s mouth twitched…

It was as if the crown prince couldn’t let a day pass without upsetting Miss Feng Wu at least once .

At the same time .

Grand Secretary Fang and Priest Wu still weren’t back from Imperial College .

In the Feng manor —

“Xiao Wu, do you think Grand Secretary Fang will succeed?”

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Feng Wu waited patiently, but Chaoge couldn’t stop walking around the room . “Mr Lu will agree to Grand Secretary Fang’s request, won’t he? And there’s Priest Wu, too . ”

Feng Wu had no idea what was going to happen .

Somehow, she had a bad feeling about it .

She couldn’t sit still anymore . “Come . Let’s go to Imperial College to have a look ourselves . ”

“Alright . ” Chaoge agreed without hesitation .

Imperial College was in the northern suburbs of the imperial capital .

It was an unbelievably vast building complex .

The college alone took up a quarter of the imperial capital!

The magnificent building was covered in a dense layer of spiritual essence, and one felt like sitting down to cultivate as soon as they approached the building .

“This is a perfect place for cultivation!” Chaoge was pleasantly surprised . “Xiao Wu, I think I’m ready to break through again!”

Imperial College was indeed as incredible as it was said to be . Even the air was filled with spiritual energy and something ancient, which could calm one’s mind without knowing it .


Feng Wu narrowed her eyes .

She had a vague feeling of being drawn to a secret power inside the college, which seemed to make her blood boil in excitement .

How strange… Exactly what was that power?

Something then stirred inside Feng Wu!

Like Chaoge, Feng Wu felt like she could break through as well!

Feng Wu made up her mind that she had to get into Imperial College, even if it was just for that mysterious power alone .

Imperial College had an open day every week, and today just happened to be one of those days .

While Feng Wu and Chaoge were —

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