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Published at 31st of March 2020 02:10:14 PM
Chapter 515

It was closed already?

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Feng Wu frowned .

Priest Wu and Grand Secretary Fang exchanged looks .

“What do we do now?” Chaoge was exasperated . “Xiao Wu, registration has closed . What are you going to do now?!”

Feng Wu had announced that she was applying for Imperial College, but she had just lost the chance…

That was so embarrassing…

Feng Wu was also worried .

She wouldn’t be able to obtain that broken star piece if she didn’t get into Imperial College . And without the piece, her beautiful master would never wake up… Therefore, she had to enroll this year!

Even if it meant that she had to use special means to get in .

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Hence, Feng Wu kept her gaze on Grand Secretary Fang . “You must have a way for me to register . Am I right?”

Grand Secretary Fang thought for a moment, frowned, and looked at Priest Wu . “I think we can try to talk about it with Mr Lu . ”

Mr Lu was the principal of Imperial College .

“What are we waiting for? Let’s go . ”

Priest Wu and Grand Secretary Fang decided to go to Mr Lu .

Feng Wu said, “I’m coming with you . ”

Grand Secretary Fang shook his head . “Kiddo, take it easy . Maybe we can still work something out . Go back home and wait for our news . ”

After that, Grand Secretary Fang and Priest Wu left together .

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Meanwhile, Master Bian gave Feng Wu an indecipherable look .

After everything the girl had put him through, it was finally her turn . Hahahaha —

However, Master Bian was only bold enough to laugh inwardly as he trembled all over from suppressing his laughter . He then turned to leave, so that Feng Wu wouldn’t notice his glee .

“Actually, you can go to Boss Jun,” Xuan Yi reminded Feng Wu when he walked past her .

He left before Feng Wu could reply .

“Boss Jun?”

Feng Wu had yet to respond when Chaoge asked the question bewilderedly . Was Xuan Yi referring to Jun Linyuan?”

Feng Wu nodded . “Yup . ”

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“Really?” Chaoge frowned, rested her hands on her waist, and flared up . “What’s wrong with that Xuan Yi?! Ask the crown prince for help? That guy detests you! Helping you is the last thing he’ll ever do . He would have helped you back then if he wanted to . But what did he do? He canceled the engagement and let them banish you to Northern Border City!”

The more Chaoge thought about it, the angrier she became . She stomped her foot and yelled after Xuan Yi . “You! Stop right there!”

Xuan Yi stopped .

Chaoge rushed to his side and shouted furiously, “Why did you say that?!”

“Huh?” Xuan Yi frowned at Chaoge .

Chaoge jabbed his chest with a finger . “You know perfectly well how much the crown prince dislikes Xiao Wu and you still told her to go to that guy . She’s just asking to be humiliated if she did that! Why are you so mean?!”

Xuan Yi’s eyes flickered and his face turned grim!

“Why are you trying to set Xiao Wu up? How can anyone be this vile?!” Chaoge was so pissed!

Xuan Yi had to take a deep breath and stop himself from losing his temper . He then cast a stern look at Feng Wu .

Feng Wu pulled Chaoge away . “Forget about it . You can’t beat him . ”

Chaoge was rendered speechless .

Xuan Yi frowned .

Boss Jun treated no one else like he did Feng Wu, but why did everyone think that Boss Jun was so mean to her? And it seemed that even Feng Wu herself thought that way .

If he didn’t do anything about that misunderstanding…

At that thought, Xuan Yi turned to leave .

“Hey! You! Stop right there!” Chaoge shouted after Xuan Yi, but Xuan Yi ignored her .

Before long, he arrived at the crown prince’s residence .

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