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Chapter 516: 516

Xuan Yi entered the residence and found Jun Linyuan in the martial arts hall .

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At the moment, the crown prince had just finished practice and was sipping tea by the pond .

Seeing Xuan Yi, Jun Linyuan raised an eyebrow and gestured at the other boy to take a seat .

“I met Feng Wu today . ”

Xuan Yi got straight to the point .

The casual look on Jun Linyuan’s face faded a little, but he quickly covered it up . “Did you?”

As if he couldn’t care less .

Xuan Yi still hadn’t figured out how Jun Linyuan really felt about Feng Wu and he thought that he could use this chance to carefully observe the crown prince .

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After all, Boss Jun’s attitude toward Feng Wu determined how the others should treat her in the future .

“That’s right . I met her at my grandfather’s place . ” Xuan Yi glanced at Jun Linyuan unhurriedly .

The crown prince took a sip of his tea, nodded, then frowned . Why did Xuan Yi stop?

Xuan Yi smiled a little and pretended to mention in passing, “I was really surprised when I saw her . I didn’t know she’s such an amazing formation master . ”

Keeping his face straight, Jun Linyuan snorted .

“Priest Wu and Master Bian were both there, but Master Bian almost cried after what Feng Wu put him through . Hahahaha —”

Of course . His Xiao Wu was the best! The crown prince played with his porcelain teacup and secretly rejoiced .

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However, he only snorted again .

Seeing Jun Linyuan’s expressionless face, Xuan Yi changed the subject . “By the way, I haven’t seen Feng Xun in a while . I wonder how’s he doing…”

Jun Linyuan looked displeased!

From Feng Xun, Xuan Yi moved on to cultivation, then to the current situation in the empire, then to the philosophy of life…

He noticed Jun Linyuan’s face darken and look very impatient…

What more did Xuan Yi need to know?

The crown prince was in love with Feng Wu .

The only problem was that he didn’t seem to realize it himself .

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Agitated, Jun Linyuan was on the verge of kicking over his table when Xuan Yi changed the subject back in time . “My grandfather invited Old Man Wu over to appraise this Whistling Vase and Old Man Wu couldn’t stop saying good things about it . Master Bian’s face practically turned green… Xiao Wu happened to be outside…”

Xuan Yi then told Jun Linyuan about everything that happened in the Fang manor .

A tiny smile emerged on Jun Linyuan’s face as he listened…

Xuan Yi had his own agenda and he had been looking closely at Jun Linyuan’s facial expressions the entire time . By now, everything was so obvious .

“… When Priest Wu found out that it was Xiao Wu who made that Whistling Vase, he wouldn’t believe it . Do you know what happened after that?”

Jun Linyuan said arrogantly, “How am I supposed to know? Just tell me!”

Xiao Wu said, “Xiao Wu then used just a bit of time to upgrade that Master Level formation to a Grandmaster Level one . That shut them up right away and they were so shocked! It was incredible!”

The crown prince snorted proudly .

Of course that girl was the best!

Any woman Jun Linyuan liked had to be the best!

Xuan Yi was rendered speechless by the proud look on Boss Jun’s face . However, he didn’t let his surprise show and only went on talking . “It turns out that Xiao Wu wants to apply for Imperial College . ”

Jun Linyuan was very pleased . So, the girl was following his order .

“But…” Xuan Yi paused and frowned . “Registration for the entrance exam to Imperial College already closed at noon today . ”

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