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Chapter 514: 514

“But why?” Crossing his hands behind his back, Grand Secretary Fang looked at Feng Wu in bewilderment .

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Priest Wu also frowned . “Kiddo, of course you may pass the written exam, but without any cultivation ability, how are you going to deal with the physical tryout?”

“Must one have spiritual essence to pass the physical tryout?” Feng Wu said lightly .

“How are you going to fight the others if you don’t have it?”

Everyone was shocked by her reaction .

“I can still defeat them, with or without spiritual essence,” Feng Wu said proudly .

“No, you can’t . You need to be a Level 9 Spiritual Master to apply to Imperial College, but you…” Priest Wu shook his head . “You aren’t even a Level 1 Spiritual Master . How are you even going to register?”

Without registering, she wouldn’t qualify to take the exam .

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Both Priest Wu and Grand Secretary Fang smiled wryly and thought that the girl was dreaming .

However, Feng Wu put her hands behind her back and grinned . “If I remember correctly, Imperial College has a board of elders . If I have recommendations from three board members, they can make an exception and let me register for the exam . ”

“There is indeed such a rule, but it hasn’t been used in years . ” Priest Wu gave her a wry smile . “That’s because any normal person would only try to take the exam after they become a Level 9 Spiritual Master, or even after becoming a Spiritual Grandmaster . Otherwise, they’re sure to fail the physical tryout . ”

As for Feng Wu, she wasn’t even a Level 1 Spiritual Master, let alone at Level 7 or 8…

How was she going to make it?

Both Grand Secretary Fang and Priest Wu looked at Feng Wu in resignation .

Feng Wu looked back at them . “Are you not going to give me recommendations?”

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The last thing Grand Secretary Fang and Priest Wu wanted was to upset the girl .

Especially Priest Wu, who said in a hurry, “Of course we can do that . It’s just a letter . A piece of cake!”

Hearing Priest Wu make his promise, Grand Secretary Fang snapped, “Between the both of us, she can only get two letters . She needs one more if she wants to get that exemption . ”

It wouldn’t be difficult to find an elder to recommend a Level 9 or even Level 8 cultivator . However, Feng Wu was a useless girl with no spiritual essence… The more they thought about it, the more inconceivable they found the idea .

Priest Wu scratched his head . “Well, that is indeed a problem . ”

“I know where to get that third recommendation letter . ” Feng Wu smiled .

“Where?” Priest Wu was amazed . “Don’t tell me you know someone from the education commission?”

Feng Wu said casually, “I know one of the members . ”

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Priest Wu was baffled . “Will he lie for you and write that recommendation letter?”

Feng Wu said, “He will . ”

On second thought, Priest Wu realized that the girl was a Grandmaster Level formation master, and he and Old Fang were already convinced . It wasn’t unimaginable that she would be able to convince yet another person .

“Right . What is the registration deadline for Imperial College again?” Priest Wu asked all of a sudden .

No one answered him for a while .

Everyone had been focused on the fact that the exam started in seven days, but no one remembered when the registration deadline was .


Master Bian, who had bruises all over his face, raised his hand gingerly .

Everyone turned to look at him .

Master Bian darted a glance at Feng Wu, then said quietly, “The registration for Imperial College has already closed…”


The others stared at Master Bian in shock .

Master Bian nodded tentatively . “Master, Xiao Xi is taking the exam this year as well, and I heard her talking about it the other day . Registration closed at noon today…”

Feng Wu frowned .

It was already past noon . Even if she rushed to Imperial College at that moment, it was already too late…

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