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Chapter 508: 508

However, Chaoge turned around and beckoned at Feng Wu . “Xiao Wu! Come over here! Isn’t he Xuan the Second? The boy that you used to beat up? He cried a lot . Isn’t this him?”

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Xiao Wu? Xuan Yi’s stomach lurched!

Xuan Yi? Feng Wu walked into the yard at that moment .

Their eyes met .


“Why are you here?”

Xuan Yi and Feng Wu exchanged looks and both saw surprise on each other’s faces .

Chaoge grinned . “Xiao Wu, that’s him, right? That crybaby that you used to beat up? The one that would wait for you outside your house every day after that?”

Feng Wu chuckled .

Xuan Yi blushed suspiciously .

He coughed into his fist .

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Just then, Master Bian couldn’t take Priest Wu’s blows anymore and rushed out, burying his head in his hands and crying for his master’s mercy .

He missed the threshold and tripped . Hence —

Thump —

Master Bian fell down on his face .

Why were there so many people?

He looked up —

And he saw a face that would give him nightmares!

As a matter of face, it was a face of stunning beauty!

“You — You —”

Master Bian acted as if he had seen a ghost . His eyes opened so wide it was as if his eyeballs would fall out at any moment .

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However, he reacted quickly and rushed toward Feng Wu the next second . “It’s you!!! It’s you!!!”

Both Feng Wu and Chaoge jumped at his reaction and stumbled back involuntarily .

Chaoge shielded Feng Wu with her own body .

What the hell?

“Don’t go!”

Seeing them back off, especially Feng Wu, Master Bian ran after them in exasperation . “You can’t leave now! I won’t let you! Stop right there!”

Chaoge flared up!

How dare a middle-aged loser try to lay his hands on Xiao Wu? He had to be delusional!

Hence, Chaoge grabbed the nearest flowerpot .

It was filled with soil and very solid .

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Chaoge swung the pot and smashed it onto Master Bian’s head!


The pot shattered to pieces and the soil scattered all over the ground .

“Arghh —”

Master Bian cried out and blood gushed from his forehead .

Chaoge didn’t see that coming . She said hesitantly, “You were imprudent first! I did the right thing! You can’t blame me!”

Master Bian: !!!

Imprudent? He wasn’t trying to take advantage of Miss Feng!

Everything happened so fast and everyone was taken by surprise .

Seeing Master Bian’s bloody forehead and Chaoge’s unforgiving attitude, Steward Fang was furious . “Young lady! Who do you think you are? Do you know who this is? Master Bian is a respected guest here!”

“Take her —” Fearing that he would be blamed for this, Steward Fang summoned some guards and was going to grab Chaoge . His master would deal with her later .

But —

“Wait —” Xuan Yi frowned .

Priest Wu was infuriated!

Although he had been hitting Master Bian for the past few minutes, he only did it because the latter was his pupil . He could do whatever he wanted with his own pupil .

But it was a different story when other people hurt his pupil!

Hence, Priest Wu glared at Chaoge and Feng Wu with a livid face!

“Which one of you did this?!” Priest Wu bellowed . “Confess now!”

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