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Published at 27th of March 2020 02:35:13 PM
Chapter 507

Feng Wu nodded . “He should have, if everything went as planned . But judging by Steward Fang’s attitude… I don’t think he’s shown it to his master yet . ”

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“He said he was going to do it! How could he?!” Chaoge abhorred injustice like a deadly foe, and she bolted to her feet right away . “I won’t have it! I need to give him a reminder!”

Chaoge rushed to the guest hall to see Steward Fang standing in the shade with his head lowered and his hands at his sides .

And that piece of paper had been crumpled into a ball and tossed on the ground .

Chaoge was furious!

“Steward Fang! How could you?!” Chaoge cried out!

She shouted at the top of her lungs and her voice resounded in the yard!

Steward Fang had been dozing and he almost jumped at that voice!

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He blanched right away .

Oh god, why was this girl still here? She would definitely disturb the respected guest inside! Steward Fang was so angry that he almost slapped Chaoge!

“You want to hit me? How dare you?!”

Chaoge flared up and she pointed at Steward Fang . “You vile man! Didn’t you say you were going to hand the answer to your master?! And what did you do? You tossed it on the ground! You threw Xiao Wu’s effort away like a piece of garbage! Why did you do that?”

Chaoge went scarlet with rage!

Steward Fang rushed to her side and covered her mouth . “My dear young lady, I’m sorry, okay? It’s all my fault! Please be quiet! My master is right there in the room —”

Those words set Chaoge off completely!

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The dauntless girl pushed Steward Fang away, put her hands on either side of her mouth like a loudspeaker, and yelled, “Grand Secretary Fang! Grand Secretary Fang! Grand Secretary Fang! Help! The house is on fire!”

Feng Wu, who had just arrived, was rendered speechless .

Steward Fang was so exasperated that he almost broke into tears .

They were right outside the drawing room and a wall away from Grand Secretary Fang . The wall wasn’t exactly soundproof .

Grand Secretary Fang heard everything Chaoge said .

He frowned .

As an elderly official of the empire, the old man preferred gentle and quiet personalities . The noisy ones were his least favorite .

Grand Secretary Fang darted a look at Xuan Yi and the latter took the hint right away .

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“Grandpa, I’ll get rid of them . ”

“Alright . ” Grand Secretary Fang nodded, still frowning .

Xuan Yi rose to his feet and quickly went outside .

Chaoge was still yelling at the drawing room . “Grand Secretary Fang! Grand Secretary Fang! Xiao Wu is an awesome girl! Please see her answer to the question —”

He pushed the door open when Chaoge was still yelling and he almost bumped into the girl .

“Wow —” Chaoge stumbled back and stared at Xuan Yi .

This guy looked so familiar . Where had she seen him before…

Before Chaoge could say another word, Xuan Yi frowned and glanced at Steward Fang .

That look sent chills down Steward Fang’s spine .

“See them out . ” Seeing that Chaoge wasn’t anyone he knew, Xuan Yi gave Steward Fang the order .

That was the nature of Jun Linyuan and his friends . They were relentless toward those they deemed outsiders .

They had no patience for those they found uninteresting and would get rid of those people immediately .

However —

Chaoge cried out in surprise . “Hey, I know you . What’s your name again… Xuan Yi, isn’t it?”

Xuan Yi darted a look at Chaoge .

Because of his connection to Jun Linyuan, Xuan Yi was a well-known figure in the imperial capital as well . Many knew him and he found it natural that this girl would know who he was, so Xuan Yi didn’t think much of it .

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