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Chapter 509

Intimidated by Priest Wu’s tone, Chaoge cringed .

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Feng Wu stepped out with a smile . “I did it . ”

Priest Wu stared at Feng Wu and found her very familiar . He had seen that face before!

Then it came to him!

He had seen her before entering the Fang manor .

The girl had a Grandmaster Level formation on her bracelet and Priest Wu had called her a vain girl . He hadn’t expected to meet her again so soon .

Master Bian rushed to his side and said to Priest Wu, “Master! Master! Please don’t blame her! It’s her!”

Priest Wu nodded .

“It’s you!” Priest Wu had deemed Feng Wu an extravagant girl and he smirked . “You’re already this vain at such a young age . Shame on your family!”

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Xuan Yi frowned . He didn’t like Priest Wu criticizing Feng Wu like that .

However, before Xuan Yi could intervene, Master Bian tugged at Priest Wu’s sleeve and yelled, “Master! It’s her! The Whistling Vase girl!”


Priest Wu turned around and looked at Master Bian in confusion .

“I’m telling the truth, Master! This young lady made that Whistling Vase! I saw it with my own eyes!”

Priest Wu’s eyes widened . He stared at Master Bian, then shifted his gaze to Feng Wu .

It couldn’t be!

That was impossible!

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“But she’s so young…” She was in her teens, right? 13, tops!

Just then, footsteps came from inside .

Grand Secretary Fang had come out .

All the “it’s her” talk intrigued Grand Secretary Fang greatly, so he came out to have a look . “Why, young lady, it’s you . ”

Priest Wu turned to stare at Grand Secretary Fang . “You know her, too?”

Grand Secretary Fang snapped, “Of course I do . Back in Elegant Ink Gallery, this girl broke that Whistling Vase herself at first, then put it back together before breaking it again and sticking it together a second time . She also put in that mind-calming formation while she was at it . So many people saw it . I can’t lie about that . ”

Both Master Bian and Grand Secretary Fang were saying the same thing…

Priest Wu had no choice but to believe them .

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He then turned to stare at the bracelet on Feng Wu’s wrist, which had a formation embedded in it .

He had reprimanded the girl for being vain because of that invaluable formation on her wrist . He believed that such a rare treasure should be put in a shrine and worshipped .

However… if this girl really was the maker of the Whistling Vase… that was very embarrassing for him .

Xuan Yi looked at Grand Secretary Fang and Feng Wu in turn and narrowed his eyes . “Grandpa, is she… the girl you were talking about?”

Grand Secretary Fang nodded . “That’s right . She’s the one . She’s unbelievably talented in formations . ”

Xuan Yi’s mouth fell open .

To most people, Feng Wu was a crippled good-for-nothing, but according to his grandfather, Feng Wu was incredible .

“It sounds like you two know each other as well . ” Grand Secretary Fang found the coincidence interesting .

“We do . ” Xuan Yi nodded .

Not only did they know each other, they had come back to the imperial capital from Northern Border City together .

“Which family is she from?” Grand Secretary Fang asked curiously .

Xuan Yi gave him a wry smile and pointed at the house next door .

Grand Secretary Fang looked at him in confusion .

Xuan Yi said, “She lives right next door . ”

“The Feng clan?” Grand Secretary Fang looked surprised . “I didn’t know they had such a talented daughter . That clan is so blessed . ”

Priest Wu had been listening to their conversation and he interrupted them .

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