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Chapter 504

But, the look he gave Feng Wu wasn’t friendly at all .

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For he thought that Feng Wu was being disrespectful and that she had only written down some random nonsense .

“Quick, give it to your master . ” Chaoge prompted him .

Although she had no idea what Feng Wu had in mind, Chaoge never questioned Feng Wu’s decisions .

Steward Fang frowned .

Of all the potential house buyers he had met, this girl was the only one who treated the test so casually . All the others had been very serious .

At that thought, the steward disliked Feng Wu even more .

Hence, he waved Feng Wu off . “I’ll show it to my master later . Go back and wait for further instructions . ”

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Meanwhile, in the Fang manor .

Grand Secretary Fang and Priest Wu sat on their knees facing each other . Both kept their backs ramrod straight and had tranquil looks in their eyes .

Between them was a burlywood tea table .

On the table stood the porcelain Whistling Vase .

Master Bian knelt next to Priest Wu, while a teenager stood at Grand Secretary Fang’s side .

The teenager had a refined and elegant air about him . With a glance, one could tell that he was from a noble family and that he was one of the eminent offspring .

If Feng Wu were here, she would recognize him right away, for it was none other than Xuan Yi himself .

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Xuan Yi was very respectful toward Grand Secretary Fang, who was his maternal grandfather .

Right now, Grand Secretary Fang wasn’t paying attention to Xuan Yi . He was staring at Priest Wu .

Priest Wu, on the other hand, was completely absorbed in that Whistling Vase .

He listened to it attentively and there was a serene look on his face .

A while passed before Priest Wu slowly opened his eyes, which were limpid and sagacious .

“What a mind-calming formation . It reminds me of a warm spring day and makes me feel as if I’m strolling in a sea of flowers with a spring breeze brushing past my cheeks . It can cast all anger away and calm one’s mind . This is definitely a Master Level formation — and maybe even more advanced than that . ”

More importantly, this mind-calming formation was perfect for Priest Wu, who was irascible and prone to agitation .

Priest Wu had always been a step away from the Supreme Level because of his short temper .

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“Grand Secretary Fang, is it possible for you to part with this treasure?” Priest Wu asked .

Master Bian blanched at those words!

He had broken into a cold sweat as soon as he recognized the sagacious old man, and a chilly sensation ran down his spine when he heard how highly his master spoke of this Whistling Vase .

As expected, Grand Secretary Fang glanced at Priest Wu . “You like it?”

“Brother Fang, you know me too well . I get grumpy so easily; if I have this Whistling Vase with the mind-calming formation in it, I might be able to rise to the Supreme Level . ”

Despite his superior status, Priest Wu was still a junior to Grand Secretary Fang . He cupped his fists and smiled bitterly . “Brother Fang, I apologize for offending you in the past . Please forgive me and sell me this Whistling Vase . ”

Grand Secretary Fang smiled cryptically, but said nothing in reply .

“Brother Fang, how about this? You know my collection very well . May I trade one of my pieces for this vase?”

The formation in this vase wasn’t exactly advanced, but the design was so intricate and sophisticated that it was worth studying . Moreover, it met Priest Wu’s needs .

And that wasn’t something that could be measured with money alone .

Grand Secretary Fang darted a glance at Master Bian, then casually said, “This Whistling Vase should have been yours . ”

“What?” Priest Wu was pleasantly surprised . “Mine? How so? Why don’t I know about it?”

Master Bian couldn’t stop sweating .

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